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  1. I am using this phone from last 1.5year still working good for me and guess what I am using the otg of phone without root access but still I am not able to use the SD Memory card and guys if you know any thing abt the SD card plz tell me
  2. I took the backup of the phone using the intel flash tool but I am not able to open it becoz it is in .ab format if u knw any software then plz recommend
  3. It doesnot work they have locked the bootloader so there is no way we can root this device
  4. I have bricked my phone twice but still not able to root it f*** intel mother fuckers locked it badly !!!!
  5. I downgraded my phone using 299 mb updates as well as the 348mb updates but both times the phone bricked and started showing different colors and I successfully unbricked it .hay guys what's the fun of this flash tool kit
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