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  1. What about the white boxes on web pages zoom, is the bug still there?
  2. You were right, the partition created with aparted works, but this way I've lost all my installed apps... It's probably true that not all fuctions of ext4 are actually supported by the new versions, so a partition created on a PC will not work any more. Many thanks.
  3. Root is enabled, I have mmcblkp1 as fat32 and mmcblkp2 as ext4. The strange fact is that everything works with version 6.2 and older, while it gives error with 6.4 or newer
  4. I have the same problem, phone network is worse than before; lost 2 or more bars where I had 3 or more before. Link2sd is not working, keps giving the same error during init script creation: "impossible to create the init script - mount: invalid argument. " Without link2sd this rom is much less usable for me... anyone has a work around?
  5. I love rhis ROM and I'm using it since version 4 but now, after version 6.4 link2sd has stopped working with the "mount: invalid argument" error so it cannot create the init script, with versions up to 6.2 there was no problem. Anybody has a solution for this failure of link2sd?
  6. sorry, the phone "posted" while in my pocket... post is edited now
  7. I've found the same problem. On each update I wiped system, cache and dalvik, then flashed the new room and usually link2sd could remount the second partition with ext4 format and rebuild the init script. Now, after updating from ver.6.2 to ver.6.4 link2sd encounters an error "mount invalid parameter, impossible to create the init script". There must be some change in the configuration of the new version with is not compatible with link2sd.

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