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  1. I downloaded the rom, it only contains system.img which won't flash, it needs modification. I'm working on it to make it flash. Can anyone upload a stock boot.img
  2. Unfortunately the rom is not complete. We need a boot img, if you could get a dump of boot img, unpack it edit & repack it we could be in right direction, another thing is obtain system dump gunzip it & flash via fastboot(i've tried & realised it requires a system.gz format to flash succesfully) work out on boot img & let me know of progress.
  3. Thanks for those who tried to help. Fortunaly someone at xda has come to my rescue & uploaded the rom file. (please check the thread for all xolo roms at xda) i'll try it out & then post my feedback.
  4. I've got a dump of system & boot partitions. But they can't be flashed directly using fastboot. They need modification first & am not an expert.
  5. Unfortunately in the listed roms at xda x500 is missing, tried flashing phone with intel flash tool evrythng flashes succesfully. Only missing files are boot img and sytem files. Fortunately bootloader not locked.
  6. It's unfortunate they don't have it bt point of correction @mohit xolo x500 is listed on xolo website.
  7. Did u finally get the rom?
  8. Can anyone share Xolo x500 stock rom?

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