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  1. Hi! Does the radio fm work? And how does it differ from Dazzozo's CM11? Thanks
  2. Dani2014 thanks for your work! Does it have an FM radio app included? And how does it differ to the CM11 by Dazzozo? Thanks
  3. Hi there, I've been reading this thread now for a while. And now I thaught it's time to share my experiences. I have the y300 now for 1,5 months and since the very first day I decided to change to CM11. I'm totally fine with this step epecially due to the fact I'm a total newbie with ROMs, flashing, etc. As far as I can see almost everything works perfect. I'm updating every two days and since the 02 26 the Benchmark has increased up to 7024 from 6800. Since a while it seems like the lifetime of the battery has increased during the last two weeks aswell. With profileswitching two days without charging is quite normal. But I recognized two problems/bugs: The first is that the battery is indicated quite diffenently when I'm flashing/updating and when I'm in CM11. This can heavily differ up to 10%+ in the updating mode. The second is that since a few days textsecure with the new push function is unable to use. Seems like the integrated whispersystems app isn't working with textsecure. When you want to register with textsecure and you registered before in CM11 there is a registration conflict: "registration conflict this number is already registered on a different text secure server (cyanogenmod?). you must unregistering there before registering here." But I think this is more a general CM problem, isn't it?

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