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  1. I have a problem with the ringing and sms it doesn't sound, also i can't change the ringing song :)
  2. QuickSync95

    Cyanogenmod 11?

    Could you please upload the port anyways with the bandwidth problem,also is the camera and radio working,usually these are the bugs common in cm11 porting. By the way good job :) .
  3. Yes I'm from Romania ,by the way i had the same problem with Lewa.
  4. I see,well no mobile internet access ,by the way i'm using telekom.
  5. Well,i installed the rom.It looks awesome,very smooth but there is a problem with Mobile data, it doesn't work.
  6. I installed it. :) Everything works okay ,no bugs seen yet.Still testing it. Awesome job!
  7. QuickSync95

    [Q]Un-brick ZTE Blade

    No it doesn't work. Thank you guy for the support :), but i guess a service it's the only hope. A moderator please close this topic
  8. QuickSync95

    [Q]Un-brick ZTE Blade

    Any ideas about the costs?Just to be prepared. :)
  9. QuickSync95

    [Q]Un-brick ZTE Blade

    Done that still nothing. As i said the phone just starts and then freezes. I guess it's a lost case.
  10. QuickSync95

    [Q]Un-brick ZTE Blade

    Not sure due to the fact that it doesn't react much(just starting and nothing else). Could you please provide a link.
  11. QuickSync95

    [Q]Un-brick ZTE Blade

    Yes of course but no communication whatsoever with pc ,also doesn't charge. Is there any way to start this device in fastboot mod or something similar?
  12. QuickSync95

    [Q]Un-brick ZTE Blade

    ok but there is a problem i mean the phone doesn't show up...i fear it might take a jtag wich of course means service...
  13. QuickSync95

    [Q]Un-brick ZTE Blade

    it doesn't show anything Also the pc doesn't react when phone plugged in usb Windows 8.1
  14. QuickSync95

    [Q]Un-brick ZTE Blade

    To sum it up When i press power button first logo then stuck. Volum up + power first logo then stuck Volum down + power same. Connect to pc first logo no leds stuck.

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