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  1. I managed to resolve this, see http://www.sciencemedianetwork.org/Blog/20140304_Samsung_Galaxy_S2_data_recovery
  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100), which stopped booting into the normal OS. I have no idea why - one morning it turned itself off, and when I started it, it went as far as the "Samsung" screen, and just hangs. I have pictures on the "internal" SD card (flash memory), which I would like to recover. I can boot into recovery, and have installed the latest version of CWM touch, which allows me to mount both the internal and external sdcard. I can do a "browse for update" on both internal and external sdcard, and all the files I want are there. However, even when internal sdcard is mounted, I cannot access it with adb, presumably because I don't have root. Just to see what I can do without root, I used CWM allowed me to backup the system, but because the backup is written to the internal card, I cannot check whether it's worked. However, it is taking about 1.5GB of space on the internal card, so I assume it must have backed up something. Any ideas? Could I write a script that would copy the contents of the internal sd card to the external sd card, without root? If I rooted the phone, would I loose the content on the internal sd card? (I have looked into rooting, but only with heimdall so far, and I could not get it to recognise the phone on linux or OS X.) Any thoughts and suggestions will be much appreciated! Thanks!

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