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  1. i have a problem, com.android.systemui after 04/10 cyano... i dont know what to do, tried to format /system, wipe cache partition, dlvik cache, tried wipe data/factory reset, tryed another version (03/10) i dont know what to do..in the best case it works for a day, and then suddendly without reason com.android.systemui Please help
  2. is there someone who has contact syncronization problems?
  3. 3) i tried to reinstall whatsapp or the rom, no solution... even if i add a new contact directly from whasapp! in concatcs i only have google contacts, if i set "contacts to see" on whatsapp, i have no contact visible. even with other apps like upptalk, i have no contact, i tried to install Contact+, and even there no contact visible. i have google contacts visible, but only on the phone, no one app can see them
  4. hi, i've passed from cm 11 nigthly to slimKat, and i have some questions to ask: 1) how can i modify lockscreen's popup? (weather, gmail) i have sequence unlock; 2) why is this rom partially translated in my language (italian);settings are both in english and italian. 3) i have contacts, but whatsapp can't see them, i have no contacts in whatsapp (this happened suddendly, about 1 hour ago i had them.. i didn't modify anything) thank you
  5. is there a way to keep modified build.prop file, boot animation ecc, after upgrading nightly version?

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