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    Huawei Ascend G300
  1. DarkBandit2258

    Slimkat 4.4.4 with 1300MHz overclock

    omg huawei g300 is still alive!! Nice but i dont have more g300. Now i have huawei g6
  2. DarkBandit2258

    i am need a stable fast rom

    g300 dont have stable rom
  3. DarkBandit2258

    Stock ROM: phone very lagged

    CM7 is best and stable rom!
  4. DarkBandit2258

    Final Stable ROM for the G300?

    LOL "badword" XD i say fu*k
  5. DarkBandit2258

    Final Stable ROM for the G300?

    badword this, the G300 can not be stable on CM10 and better.. Maybe is stable one or two day max. I use B952..
  6. DarkBandit2258

    [KK] [ROM] [CM11] Ultra Rom

    i send you link
  7. DarkBandit2258

    [KK] [ROM] [CM11] Ultra Rom

    I create sense 6 but have big size. I'm trying to make a smaller size
  8. DarkBandit2258

    ((ROM)) X-Treme v1 ((android 4.4.2))((new))

    X-Treme ROM is copy of matrix rom
  9. DarkBandit2258

    [Tweaks] A quest to make KitKat Smoooth

    Art not work on CM11 use Dalvik
  10. DarkBandit2258

    [KK] [ROM] [CM11] Ultra Rom

    have the same score on antutu
  11. DarkBandit2258

    Which is the best Rom for games

    I use MatrixRom CM 10.2
  12. How would you like to see the look on your next rom

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