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  1. is it possible to help me in order to do this... my first move is to unlock the bootloader again with the classic procedure over the net.. after that i have to flash the logo bin.. (here is my problem as i really dont know many things exept from the basic) i should enter on bootloader mode connect the mobile phone with usb debbugin and my commands on adb which will be? and where i can find the logo.bin thank you very much in advance
  2. hello guys! it is my first post. we purchased for my sister the moto g and in order to make it more efficient with greenify etc i unlocked the bootloader and have a root but a week later when my sister took the moto g in her hands and had her sim cut (the guy in vodafone told her it is the same) the screen started blinking and the wifi died after 5 hours with her sim card. so i had to re lock the bootloader and un root the device in order to ask for a replacement . my problem is that my device is now "DEVICE IS LOCKED. STATUS CODE : 2" but when i boot the device the warning screen with "warning bootloader unlocked" appears again.. what should i do in order to request an rma as the screen is blikining all the time and my device is wifi off always :( thank you in advance
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