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  1. None of them helped! What else could it be? Do you have the same problem?
  2. It's not a platform.xml problem. I was thinking the same, it could be a bin/vold problem. P.S. You missed a sintax error in the file <permission name="android.permission.ACCESS_ALL_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" > <group gid="sdcard_r" /> <group gid="sdcard_rw" /> <group gid="sdcard_all" /> <group gid="media_rw" /> you missed the last </permission> I hope you could fix this error, because as soon as I tried my SD after that zip it has been detected but my phone reboots immediately
  3. I have a problem with the sd card. Rarely my phone detects it and when it does it reboots itslef. It also happens with RR. Is it only my problem or is it a "bug"?
  4. Thanks but it doesn't work. It can be flashed, it boots normally but when I tap on the icon to open the app the phone reboots and stays in bootloop. It means I have to stay with that version and never update it
  5. Now I have another (little) problem. I can't update greenify to the last version otherwise my phone reboots itself and then goes in bootlop. I have to go in recovery and delete the folders of greenify so my phone can boots normally. I can update the app until the version 3.5.1. What could be the problem?
  6. Now it seems to work, spoof signature is present in microG settings but not in normal settings, so how can I add more apps if it's not present? Do they'll be added automatically? What's that strange icon I've never seen before on the system bar?
  7. I stiil continue to not see spoof package signature in app permissions. Have you checked this? I've done all the passages I had to but with no luck. That's so frustrating. Magisk can't be installed, magisk beta can be installed but when I try to open the magisk module the phone reboots
  8. Hi, thanks for the reply. I don't have signature spoofing voice in apps-> advanced that's why I can't activate signature spoofing. Do you have it? Have you installed microG after ROM or have you rebooted and then flashed microG?
  9. Hello, I've installed microG but I'm not able to patch service.jar to enable spoofs signature, since in microG settings it says that this ROM hasn't spoof signature. How can I fix it? I've tried the adb and zip version. Can you add the patch in the next release? Thank you
  10. You have to move it manually into the system folder where Snap is installed. Before install it cancel data of Snap, move the new file, go into recovery and wipe dalvik and cache. If it doesn't work try the one at the post #85, that works for me (of course at 3MP)
  11. Anyway for the ones who wanna try the newer version of Snap Camera and maybe try to fix force closes you can find it here on XDA
  12. I gave an extra solution to all the people that have lags even when they install Pico GApps. For me the system is smooth just as if GApps aren't installed. Yeah, I know that the ROM is already rooted and I have to unlock it in developer options but I always used SuperSU and I prefer it to the one integrated in the ROM. It's not a big deal since it could be installed from Play Store. The only problem is the sensor proximity that doesn't work, every time I want to close a phone call (and the screen is turned off) I have to press the power button, unlock the lock screen (so if I have a password/pattern I have to use it) and then turn off the call. I don't know if you have the same problem but for me it's annoying.
  13. When you start the aroma version it asks you if you want that all the items your going to check must be the one you want to install or you don't want to install, choose the first option (the one you want to install) then be sure that all the items/voices/apps are unchecked so it will install only the core (play store and play services) and nothing more. You have to flash it immediately after the ROM is flashed. If you wanna try make a nandroid backup first and let me know. Perhaps the result may vary from a device to another one. Do you have the proximity sensor problem? For busybox I added some scripts in init.d folder and when I tried to start them in the emulator there was written "busybox is not installed". Maybe apps2sd installs busybox if it's not installed.
  14. I've installed the 14/08 version and I admit that is very fast if you consider it is an old phone running Marshmallow. With Open GApps no problems, no lags, it remain fast as if GApps aren't installed. I've downloaded the aroma version of GApps. If you wanna try follow this steps: 1) Download GApps aroma version 2) Flash it and be sure that all voices are unchecked; press next until the operation is completed 3) Wipe dalvik/cache and reboot These are the bugs I've found: 1) Busybox isn't installed 2) Trebuchet: when I select "Big icons" the icons remain small. In settings when I select "horizontal scroll" it remains vertical (in the drawer) 3) Proximity sensor doesn't work during a phone call 4) I can't flash SuperSU, this is the error (It works downloading from play store but if I want to flash it I can't): boot image patcher finding boot image boot image: not found, aborting 5) Camera sometimes works and sometimes don't Could you update the apps like Audiofx and Camera? I've installed a newer version of AudioFX with also the support of MaxxAudio and it works. I've installed also a newer version of the Camera but it's like the previous one. For now the only big problem (for me) is the 3rd one, the others are "small" problems. Anyway thank you for this fantastic ROM.
  15. With poweramp I have no problem in lockscreen. Try with this music app, it's free and has also the eq.

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