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  1. Do you have steps or link on how to flash this rom. My phone is rooted and unlocked bootloader, just dont know what to do, do i need to install twrp or cwm ? If it is, what version...
  2. I have both files and necessary things for cm10 and cm11.... My only problem is I cant flash the rom, i dont know to do. My phone is already rooted and unlocked the bootloader.
  3. I already have the necessary items in flashing cm11 rom (which is cm11.zip, recovery image, recovery zip, and gapps). And after rebooting into recovery, will I choose apply update from sd card? Because really, there is just 5 options, REBOOT SYSTEM NOW, APPLY UPDATE FROM SD CARD, CLEAR CACHE/FACTORY RESET, APPLY ADB, AND APPLY BLABLA..... I do not know what to do. Thanks.
  4. Hello dazzozo and all of you, Would you mind if you will help me flashing cm11 rom, I am having a hard time doing it because everytime I boot into recovery, Only 5options found and I don't see any option associated for flashing rom, even the "Advance" option isn't there. I hope you will help me guys, because my friend in here said I just need to instal or download cwm recovery, Because think mine is not yet installed. But I need your help to be safe :) Thank you guys..
  5. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote' data-author="Dazzozo" data-cid="2179870" data-time="1386501298">Dazzozo, on 08 Dec 2013 - 7:14 PM, said:<p>CyanogenMod 11.0 for the Huawei Ascend Y300 and G510 You must use a recovery updated for 4.3+ (with the EXT4 fix) to use this ROM otherwise you will encounter issues. A CWM build is linked below.Sources: github.com/Dazzozo & github.com/legaCyModFAQ:Where did the developer/performance options go?Tap on the build number 5 times in "About phone".Where did the recovery reboot option go?It has to be enabled in developer options, "Advanced reboot".Why did the boot animation change? Why did the Play Store disappear? Why does my phone not leave the boot animation?A change Huawei made (for seemingly no reason) completely breaks 4.3+. It has been reverted in the kernel here, but recoveries may need updating too.Why isn't ADB working?https://plus.google....sts/M2pVM7Y6MTqYou need to update your Android platform tools and then approve the PC on your device. Android 4.2.2+ feature.Downloads:ROM available on my GetCM, which allows for OTA updates. Check out "CyanogenMod updates" in the "About phone" menu. Y300 ROM: http://getcm.thebron...m/?device=u8833G510 ROM: http://getcm.thebron...m/?device=u8951ClockworkMod Recovery: http://www.modaco.co...ated-2010/Google apps: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2397942 or http://www.modaco.c...ted-2013-12-14/Credits:Fagulhas, tilal6991, Kra1o5, Blefish, KonstaT, alanorth and all other contributors - your hair pulling and loss of sanity is appreciated :PEveryone who donated to let me get this device! :DThe guys in IRC - #huawei-g300 @ freenode for occasionally being cool :PThe CM team and contributorsHuawei! (sometimes)<strong class='bbc'>Crazy donator list, I love you all
  6. Ok thanks bro :) I will try to watch some video first because I do not want to get my phone bootloap XD
  7. Sige, at least may idea na ko pano gagawin, d ko lang sure step by step. Pero kuya, may link/html po ba kayo dyan na pwede mong i share sakin para mafollow ko ung right steps. Thamk you po. Tsaka bibili muna ko bagong sd card, nasira 8gb ko e :(
  8. +1.... Why not just make a best of all the best rom XD But that will just be a dream XD
  9. Ok, paturo na lng ako mag flash ng rom sa marunong XD. Question po ulit, Pwede ko po ba iflash ung cm11 rom diretso from stock rom to cm11 ? Para kitkat ung phone ko ? Kasi sabi ng iba, baka daw may ma-encounter akong issues at problems.
  10. Sige kuya, pag nagawa ko na po ba un solve na ung problem ko ? Kaya ko na mag apply update(ROM) from sd card, may advance option na rin (Partition sd card and others) ? Ty
  11. Un nga po ang problema ko sa phone ko, stock rom siya hanggang ngayon(B175) at hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa maayos ung rom kasi hindi ko sure kung meron o walang recovery mode ung phone ko. Pero nung nagtry ako, parehas may TWRP at CWM ung sakin. Kaso kuya, sa twing magrerecovery mode ako, walang mga options na "Advance, backup/restore, at marami pang iba".... Hindi ko po talaga alam kung pano at ano gagawin, sana po matulungan nyo ko. Ty po :)
  12. Hi I came from Philippines, sorry. But can you help me flashing rom (10.1 cm) Thank you.
  13. Hello, Ahm would you mind If you can send or give me the steps on how to flash this rom (cm 10.1) on my huawei y300 (current rom is b175 which is stocked). I just need steps and the exact files/apks/etc. Needed on flashing this room, please thank you.
  14. Hello, Ahm would you mind If you can send or give me the steps on how to flash this rom (cm 10.1) on my huawei y300 (current rom is b175 which is stocked). I just need steps and the exact files/apks/etc. Needed on flashing this room, please thank you.
  15. Would you mind If you give me the steps, things needed or maybe the site/link. Thank you..
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