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  1. Hi wanna ask if there someone knows the link of stock kernel of this rom tnx in advance
  2. Can someone link to me the stock kernel of this rom thank you in advance
  3. This grey signal signal made me sick. After installing the script it back to blue. But after a reboot its grey again and never back to blue. Damn!
  4. Can i ask if were can i download the nokia adreno libs. Bcoz the past post by fonz has been removed.
  5. Thank you for that magical script. For now its turn blue..
  6. Is this flashable? What do you mean my manualy? How do i do that. Thank you
  7. Anyone have problem like grey on mobile signal and wifi. I have data plan and it alwys turn grey and never come again to blue. Because of that i dont have notifacation recieve. Someone plz help tnx
  8. Mirror plz hard to dwnload in mobile. Got no pc her. Hope mediafire tnx
  9. I hope FB MESSENGER voice call is work in this rom. Can i ask. My phone is b200 but im using cm10.1 its ok to flash this rom
  10. I use external. I flash again and it works now. Hope that error will not exist anymore. And i hope someone can fix voice problem in FB Messenger.
  11. Ok mate thank you for fast rrply i well try as soon as i get wifi.
  12. Hi guys can someone help me choice a rom that will work on FB Messenger .. Because Some other rom. When i call i only hear there voice but they connot hear mine. Thank you
  13. Wanna try this rom if FB MESSENGER Voice call works
  14. Hi guys i add a topic to know if what rom does FB MESSENGER works .. Because some other rom didnt work. I mean if i call someone i can only hear there voice but they connot hear mine. Hope someone can give me a hand thank you.
  15. Just wanna ask thus very important to me. Does FB Messenger calls fix ib this rom. I mean in some rom when i call someone i only hear them but they connot hear mine.. Tnx
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