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  1. As I've said, I've updated to latest Power Toggles, and I noticed that the WiFi icon in the pulldown menu (Y300 stock shortcut) is always in "ON" state, Wi Fi turns on and off but the button is always in the "active" mode. Then I've tried other shortcuts, GPS, Data, Auto rotate...none of them work as in none of them show blue color when I press, but the option does get activated. Uninstalled Power Toggles doesn't fix the problem. I have all stock non rooted Y300 0100, is there a way to fix this?
  2. The microphone goes on and off with newer versions of Viber on Y300, only version 2.2.2 works trouble free , as far as I know
  3. Using Viber 222 works on Y300 without problems, but it's an old version, is there any workaround or solution with Y300-Viber bug? Can I update to the latest version?
  4. My old GT-P1010 is showing signs of being...well, old, and slow. Since I have a smartphone, I don't see any reason to use the tab other than to read books, watch youtube and use some navigation since it's way better to look at the that screen than my smartphone's 4". Anyway, I need some info what options do I have for this? Please note I'm new at Android. I backed up everything from the tab on my computer. Now what? I want to clean it all, to put it in Windows user terms, format and clean install. I don't really want new Android OS if it causes too much trickery to get it working...basically I will upgrade only if it yields in obvious performance gains. So some advices on how to do "format clean install" on this device, thanks :) EDIT : I screwed up the title, I have P1010 model
  5. Ok thanks. It kinda sucks to have those options baked into the phone....but none the less I really like the y300 so far.
  6. The SpareParts app shows the vibration option unticked...and my sound settings also show vibrate options unticked... Yet if I unlock the screen (with Huawei unlock screen) I get 2 short vibration blips...one when I touch the screen and another one when I swipe the circle to the right...how do I disable this?
  7. I don't plan on putting custom ROMs on my Y300. But if I root it, could I get rid of haptic feedback on Y300? When I pick up a phonecall, the phone vibrates a tiny bit. When I unlock the phone, it also gives a short vibration, which annoys me. Also when I rearragne icons on the screen, everytime I push down on the icon it vibrates for half a second. How do I eliminate that completely without going custom ROM route?
  8. On my Y300 I have 2 profiles I use daily and switch back and forth - are there ways to make those 2 profiles appear as icons on screen so I don't have to enter the Profiles shortcut to switch them?
  9. 1. How to control data connection on this phone - for example: how do I set the phone to disable all data, 2G, 3G, WiFi, everything... I would use that mode when I'm in my house, there's no need for phone doing any background data transfer of any kind, I have everything I need on my computer. I tried with 2 things: Power saving mode settings shortcut and with Profiles. When I turn on Power saving mode settings I think I occasionally get Facebook notifications (new messages etc) - I don't want that. Shouldn't this mode turn off all those kinds of data connections? Also, sometimes when I pick up incoming call, the phone speaker is on for some reason, which is not cool if I'm in public. Is this a known bug maybe?
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