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  1. This seems almost unreal to me because I normally always run kitkat. I'm guessing 4.1.1 performance is a lot better? Are you running FusionX and what version? Also is there any advantage of using the FusionX reborn instead?
  2. For some reason I can't connect to some wi fi networks and when I'm connected I randomly disconnect and I can't reconnect.
  3. Yeah, flashing the basehand europe version from the same firefox os page worked perfect.
  4. When I try to scan a barcode from google authenticator the whole phone crashes. Also the barcode scanner app is very buggy on this phone and tends to crash a lot. Is it a problem with the camera?
  5. Hey, I'm fairly new to G510 roms and I've only tried one custom one so far (Cyanogenmod 11 by Dazzozo). It was very good asthetically but it's actual performance was fairly poor. When I ran the Antutu benchmark it crashed when it got to the 3d stage and the quadrant standard benchmark gives me a total score of 1845. I'm fairly certain that I could do better so are there any recommendations for what rom's perform the best and are the most stable? Thanks in advance
  6. To get into fastboot mode you need to hold power off the phone then hold power and the volume down key for about 10 seconds. If it's successful after you let go it will remain on the Huawei logo. You can test if it's successful by opening cmd, changing the directory to where fastboot.exe is located in the ADB toolkit and running the command "fastboot devices" without the quotes. If your device is connected it will show a model number.
  7. Using TWRP 2.5 I factory reset, formatted cache and dalvik cache and then when I install it the top of the dialog shows zip installation complete but the bottom says "Failed!" in red. When I reboot the device it hangs on the boot logo. Help please.
  8. I have unlocked my bootloader using the guide on Huawei website and my phone is rooted. How can I get TWRP on it now? Thanks
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