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  1. Just to confirm that re-flashing recovery did not get rid of this message.
  2. On a separate note, I am getting a 'No file_contexts' warning message in CWM. It doesn't seem to affect CWM or the phone though. I will re-flash CWM and see if it fixes it.
  3. Oops... I didn't get that this was about viewing mass storage from CWM recovery. I was referring to mounting when already in android... However, I can actually 'see' both sd cards from windows when in CWM recovery. However, I can't mount them to read files. I am getting a driver issue when connecting to XP when in recovery though (despite seemingly installing a significant number of other drivers so far), so perhaps that is effecting my ability to read the contents of the cards. I can't even 'see' the cards in linux when in CWM recovery.
  4. I am able to mount both the 'internal sd card' (1.5gb) and external card (16gb) on xp / osx / linux as external mass storage via a usb cable. Not sure if it makes a difference but I had already applied the sd card swap zip file from this post before I tried mounting via usb.
  5. I don't think anyone has confirmed this categorically yet so I can confirm that both internal and external SD are mounting correctly as mass storage using the CWM v2 file.
  6. I previously had a Blade I (Orange San Francisco) which served me well as a secondary phone for a couple of years before breaking. I have just received my Blade V from Virgin which was GBP59.99 including 10 pounds of Virgin mobile credit. The phone arrived within 2 days and I have already called Virgin who were very helpful in ordering my unlock code from ZTE. I had to pay GBP5.32 in addition to them deducting my 10 pounds of credit from my account. Service at Virgin was really good. Shame they aren't as cheap as 3 otherwise I might have actually used the sim card the phone came with...
  7. This phone doesn't seem to have been released in the US or (strangely) mainland China yet. If / when it does get released in those two markets, I guess we will start to see some custom ROMs.
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