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  1. Failed flash i'm using twrp error when flashing updater binary
  2. hello I used this method to disable zram trickster flashee mod zip by recovery and run a 250 megabyte swap file within the folder system enters this link: http://www.modaco.com/topic/370237-kk-all-modother-disable-zram-enable-swap-file/#entry2198605
  3. I tried the version 3.90 and I have to say that the performance compared to only 3.85 and installed the whatsapp ye got activate the swap and AnTuTu benchmark sac only to 7000 and 7650 to 3.85
  4. someone tried the kernel dazzozo? how much RAM left for the user and has swap function?
  5. habeis probado el kernel de dazozo? cuanta meemoria ram deja disponible y tiene funcion swap
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