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  1. Thank you, i have see it on amazon.it at 178 euro. Pensi che con 1 gb di ram possa reggere bene lollipop o perlomeno durare un paio di anni?
  2. Sorry, where i can found moto g 2014 for 165 euro in italy? I'd like to buy moto g, but my dubts are, if 1 gb ram is too poor, and if next moto g (lte) have new snapdragon 410 is better to wait.
  3. Is it possible install flash or something else to see all video with browser,like rom stock? (I know isn't safe, but i prefer)
  4. Can i ask you if radio fm volume button works with earphone?
  5. Does Radio fm volume button works in slimkat 8 (with earphone)?
  6. Does Radio fm fully work now? (Volume button with earphone)
  7. why i can play games and listen music with shuttle without problem?
  8. same problem, when i play candy crush and listen radio fm
  9. I'm on stock, i play candycrush without sound to listen radio and if i use your kernel, radio crash. I try with stock kernel and cesxtel 0.62, work correctly
  10. I have a problem with stable version (25/5): radio fm crash 3 times while i'm playing candy crush
  11. Volume button work with earphone in radiofm in last release (5.2) ?
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