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  1. I charged it today at 2 pm and now(midnight) it´s down to down to 1 bar :rolleyes: However I should mention that I been on wireless for about 6-7 hours straight with backlight turned on most of the time and windows live messenger running.... ...and I have that TCPMP bug with backlighting staying on until I manually lock my keypad. So im hoping for some better battery life during normal conditions.
  2. Ok I away from town for now. Over here I connected to a WEP secured networked, found it, entered passkey, and it´s working! Paul, you did manage to connect AND surf the internet with WPA-SK? I am asking because my phone said I had an correct connection with ip-adress and all, but I still couldnt access pages on my FON WPA-SK network. But when I come back home I will try to change my FON to WEP to see if it helps.
  3. Thanks for your input, I have tried your way with testing with different encryption options. But I can´t use the secure encrypted network. As I have a FON wifi router there is two networks on that one, secure private one and FON user public one. Now when I logged on to the public one that doesnt use any encryption or anything there is no problem using it. The problem starts when I log on to my secure network... It connects fine accepting my passkey and getting that wifi symbol that show up when youre connected. However I cannot access any webpage, it just says: Page not found or something like that. Ill keep you updated, will tell about any solution I may stumble upon.
  4. Hi Everyone! I am having trouble getting internet access through WiFi. This is my first smartphone with Wlan support so I could very well have missed some fundemental settings. This is how I have done: x Turned on WiFi, found my FON router, added it x Applied following settings: Authorizing: WPA-PSK Datacrypto: TKIP Network key: entered correctly x Phone connects succesfully to FON router I tried to connect the public wifi FON network and it works fine now A friend of mine who has a Nokia N91 could connect through my router just fine without any trouble. All he had to do was a search for wifi networks, selected my network, entered key, and voila! What have I done wrong?
  5. If it gets HSDPA then I wont mind if they replace wifi with that. True mobility, but could get costly if your carrier doesnt offer flatrate.
  6. Hi everyone! I am thinking of upgrading from my qtek 8010(SPC c500) to an WM5 device. The problem is that I don´t want to wait for Qtek to launch this product, therefore my only option is to import one. But I would like my own T9 language when writing texts.(not English) Is it possible to transfer my T9 language file from WM2003se to WM5 and getting it to work? Sorry if this question is old, but I didnt find any answers when searching...
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