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  1. hi guys... can you give me the link which synopsis build is better to aosp mod by h3ros.. tnxs in advance...
  2. hi fonz93, tnxs for this rom, how to put the clock widget in the center?
  3. wich is better to set zram.. trickstermod or performance control?? EDIT: im in essential v4 b209 i flashed 100mb swap but in disc info theres no swap....
  4. sorry for this question;) im in 3.4.0 build aug.13 and i already flashed 100mb swap(zram enebler of luca020400) the question is... waf if i flash this latest build..do i have to disable the 100mb of zram(how to disable) or not?
  5. but what happen to the deepsleep? even i didnt wake my phone in the whole night till morning...the 320mhz is still dominant than deepsleep... EDIT: in my tricstermod,the frequency lock is ON...so that i switced to frequency lock OFF, then reboot..and works OK now.
  6. help guys, im in aosp mod by h3ros and latest synopsis, when i wake up this morning,i awake my phone to check the status, and this is the result..
  7. wich kernel do you use?? in latest experimental , noop and cfq only...
  8. no issue for me, (latest build and latest synopsis kernel )
  9. do i need to flash the zram enabler or not...
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