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    huawei y300-0100
  1. cristianmartinez98

    All custom roms for Huawei Ascend Y300/G510

    what is the best rom for huawei y300 for gaming?
  2. cristianmartinez98

    All custom roms for Huawei Ascend Y300/G510

    peticion para actualizar para snapdragon s4 para HACER funcionar android 4.3 y 4.x y Superiores Firmar porfavor link_: https://www.change.org/es-AR/peticiones/qualcomm-actualizar-serie-de-chips-qualcomm-snapdragon-s4-play-para-android-4-3-x-4-4-xy-versiones-futuras-update-number-of-chips-qualcomm-snapdragon-s4-play-for-android-4-3-x-4-4-x-and-future-versions request to update snapdragon s4 play to run android android 4.3 and 4.x and higher please sign https://www.change.org/es-AR/peticiones/qualcomm-actualizar-serie-de-chips-qualcomm-snapdragon-s4-play-para-android-4-3-x-4-4-xy-versiones-futuras-update-number-of-chips-qualcomm-snapdragon-s4-play-for-android-4-3-x-4-4-x-and-future-versions
  3. really the next build is based in android L? when going to release the next version
  4. in line report error 404 witch microphone or speaker when make a call how solve this problem?? sorry for my bad english
  5. cristianmartinez98

    [ROM][KK][4.4.2] FluffyKitkat 2014/03/09

    I have tried to put this rom on my huawei y300 puts me error and open zip file update binary I use TWRP
  6. when going out version 4.0 and upgrades you will have

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