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  1. Using the chili 0.51 kernel with glibs, I haven't experienced random reboots in a LONG time. Let's say since last july. Before that (using 0.51) I had random reboots with EVERY single nightly. Edit: could anyone link me the 0.53 kernel for the Y300? In the page I'm used to download the kernels, it stops at 0.51.
  2. I had the same problem and no one was able to help me. I was stuck with a JULY nightly. Then I followed your steps and now everything is OK. I think flashing the original ROM is one of the few things I had not tried before... WTF. By the way, thanks a lot!
  3. thanks but it's As I said, it's the same version I have... I need or Edit: just found it, they didn't update the first post :)
  4. Anyone? I'm stuck with a late june nightly, I can't flash any newer ROM... My guess is TWRP but I'm not so sure. I managed to flash the new kernel 0.51 without any problem, but when I try to flash any cyanogen ROM i get the black screen after few seconds, and I must put out the battery to turn off the phone. Any ideas?
  5. can anyone link me a .ZIP version of twrp 2.8 for Y300? right now I'm using but it seems it doesn't work anymore... when I try to flash any new rom I get a blank black screen after few seconds.
  6. Mmh that's a nice advice... since he's a friend of mine I'll try to give him the phone with CM11 latest... if there's any problem I'll switch to 4.1 fusionx b199
  7. Well that is obviously out of question. Anyone with any real help? Thanks.
  8. I sold my Y300. I'm going to hand it to the new owner tonight. I'd like to give it to him with the latest stable CM nightly. Could someone please tell me if I should flash Chili's 0.44 with nightly of 8 july with no worries? Or any other advice? Thanks.
  9. It's way better than months ago, but I think there are still some problems... it's usable but still a bit of a compromise IMO.
  10. Random reboots (three in a day, one while idle) with 23 june nightly and Chili 0.42 :(
  11. This doesn't work. I tried it on my Huawei Y300 with different CM 11 4.4.3 nightlies, 4.4.4 nightlies, stock kernel, Chill360 kernel and so on. It always gives an error while starting the recording. Any help?
  12. Has anyone with 4.4.x ever tried the new ART runtime, that substitutes the old Dalvik? It is supposed to be a lot faster but so far I've only noticed that the auto-luminosity doesn't work anymore :) It's stille experimental and you can activate it in the developer options (it requires long and multiple reboots).
  13. That is not entirely true... I still have an old TWRP and I have never had any problem flashing any ROM (right now I have 21/06 nightly and Chill360 0.42 kernel).
  14. The phone idle random rebooted in front of my eyes with only stopwatch and chrome open in background. The screen was off and the phone idle since minutes. This with 14/06 nightly and Chil360 0.41.
  15. I've never experienced a random reboot with the 4.4.3 nightlies... until today! A random reboot from hell while the phone was idle with no app open. I'll immediately flash the next nightly.
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