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    huawei y 300
  1. can i ask you to put your precious time on new version of android (6 or even 7)

    Instead of uc development.i really like to see my beloved phone is update.thanks man



  2. i used Bluetooth tethering and afterwards it always on and the switch doesn't work property.
  3. hi

    my y300 phone freez on blue screen when i was working on swap.

    could you kindly help me

    plz thanks

  4. i installed this wifi data camera all ok battery life is very bad bluethooth on off bug
  5. Any chances that CM14 will be developed for our phones?
  6. where is the link of (ROM) (5.0.2) CyanogenMod 12 (12.06.2016) ?????
  7. is this real ? http://www.marshmallowi.xyz/2015/11/huawei-ascend-y300-5386.html
  8. thanks chil for his great work. i dont want to flash google apps .please tell me how can i install apk when there is no file manager and when i download apk file via browser this error show up " cant open file ".
  9. 8.12 out !! anybody can tell me how to enable otg on y 300 via video or grafical picture ? do i need normal otg ar otg-y for that ?
  10. first of all thanks for the great work but I have problem with network antenna((my location is iran)) .sometimes in safe mood is available but in normal mood no signal .reboot doesn't solve it thanks for you replay and sorry for bad English.
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