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  1. Le Cosaque

    MTP Problems whith CM mod.

    It does... And things is... In windows I have all the drivers installed and linux ubuntu should work without any problem.
  2. Le Cosaque

    MTP Problems whith CM mod.

    I have to ask... Am I the only one who has problems when using this device with CM mods and MTP. For some reason most of the time, when I connect it to a PC - I can see the phone (connected) but there is no storage card shown. This doesn't happen only with original ROM, but with all CM Mods based on KonstaT's work (for me at least) it does. So what I wanna know is anyone else having such an issue (because if not, then the problem is from my USB ports... either does on my laptop or the one on the device)
  3. So, I'm currently using Aurora Borealis and I like it, but what I would like to know is, where can I find lolipop drawables for the system ui and what must I change in the code to make it more lolipop like?
  4. Le Cosaque

    Shazam bug on cm 10.1

    So I have this bug for a few months now with shazam. When I open the app it start flashing black and blue, the screen gets distorted and the listen button is going up and down. Any ideas how to fix it?
  5. Le Cosaque

    [Project] Bulding CM12 from source for ZTE Blade 3

    Well, since I'm a begginer I decided that I'll listen to Konstat's advice and am now learning how to port the latest kernel for our device.
  6. Le Cosaque

    Help about that.. WHITE SCREEN on images !!!

    Did you reboot the phone after enabling the high end graphics? If rebooting doesn't fix it try flashing the rom again after you have formated system, data and cache from CWM->mount and storage (I think that was the name of the option in the recovery but not a 100% sure) Anyway I've found that for best performance while browsing you should use stock browser. It's the fastest in my opinion + I don't really need google chrome since I have all the google apps I need for the tasks that I use Chrome on my pc (Drive, Email, Calendar, Contacts, Google+)
  7. Le Cosaque

    Red light, soft brick.. need help!!

    Follow the guide given by Konstat in this topic http://www.modaco.com/topic/361786-zte-blade-iii-stock-roms/ and you should be able to fix it :)
  8. So far so bad. :D Ok, so what I did up 'till now was to follow Konstat's instructions in the cm11 thread on how to build it and replacing the git repo with that of cm12. I'm new to this and I'm trying my best. And before anyone starts spamming about ETA remember! The first rule of CYANOGENMOD - NO ETA's! With that out of the way. the only thing I haven't done from Konstat's guide is: 6. Apply patches. There's few patches needed for classic webview (1,2,3,4,5). Copy patches into respective project directories, change into directories and apply patches. git am -3 patchname.patch And that is because I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. Nevertheless I've gotten to the end point by skipping this step and what it gives me as an output is: PLATFORM_VERSION_CODENAME=REL PLATFORM_VERSION=4.4.4 CM_VERSION=11-20150304-UNOFFICIAL-atlas40 TARGET_PRODUCT=cm_atlas40 TARGET_BUILD_VARIANT=userdebug TARGET_BUILD_TYPE=release TARGET_BUILD_APPS= TARGET_ARCH=arm TARGET_ARCH_VARIANT=armv7-a-neon TARGET_CPU_VARIANT=cortex-a5 HOST_ARCH=x86 HOST_OS=linux HOST_OS_EXTRA=Linux-3.13.0-37-generic-x86_64-with-LinuxMint-17.1-rebecca HOST_BUILD_TYPE=release BUILD_ID=KTU84Q OUT_DIR=/home/.../CM12/out ============================================ art/build/Android.common_build.mk:209: *** LIBART_IMG_HOST_BASE_ADDRESS unset. Stop. So I need help. I have no idea how to fix the "platform version" to 5.0 or whatever. And no, I haven't build the kernel from source 'cus I have no idea how to do so. As I said this is my first time doing something like this. I know what some of you will say, before doing this I should sit down and read more guide's and tutorials... the problem is, that I read everything that I can find on the topic, but I'm just not the kind of person that learns well from reading. I learn by doing and asking people for help when I stumble and can't seem to find a fix for a problem. That is why before anyone stars mouthing off how I should learn to use google, I already did that and didn't find anything helpful. Thanks in advance for any advice and good day to you :) /oh and sorry for my bad English :)/
  9. Le Cosaque

    Anybody can do the android 5 ROM?

    Thanks :) I was actually hoping that you will respond to my post :D And I am planing to make a new thread but after I'm able to get to an initial build :) + in several posts so far I've seen people saying that in order to flash it we would need cwm. 6.0.5 and I have no idea how to do so. In any case, I might start a thread for people who would actually be willing to work together in order to get the job done and bring cm12 to our device. And I do realize that building a rom for an old phone like ours is a pain (to really build it one must build kernel, cwm and the rom itself) but trying to build it based on Konstat's work is a start I think. :)
  10. Le Cosaque

    Anybody can do the android 5 ROM?

    Hey, sorry for posting here but I thought that a new thread would be a waste of space. So I am trying to compile CM12, based on Konstat's instructions and work on cm11. So far so good... but I hit an error that I have no idea how to deal with (being a noob at porting and stuff :D ). It came out after initializing the build "art/build/Android.common_build.mk:209: *** LIBART_IMG_HOST_BASE_ADDRESS unset. Stop." and it really stopped after it. So if anyone has any advice on how to move forward and deal with it I would be very grateful. You see, the thing is - I really don't care about the new options that come with cm 12 and android 5, I just love the material design and with every cm that I've used until now I've tried getting basically that look. So I just want the new theme engine, systemUI.apk, launcher.apk, system.apk, dailer.apk and such. but cince I have no idea how to port them to cm11 I just decided to try and build cm12 with some online guides (seemed easy - + it would give me a good starting point in learning how to port and fix bugs and stuff).
  11. Le Cosaque

    A Ubuntu Touch request.

    Да бе, пич, затова викам, без Констат, който вече няма Blade 3. Защото във форума има все още много хора, които смятат, че той трябва да прави портовете :D И до колкото виждам все още портва, ама за ZTE Kis3 и Moto G :D (Translation - Yeah, dude, that is why I said except Konstat, who doesn't have a Blade 3 anymore. Because in the forum there are still people, who think that he should do Blade 3 ports still. And as far as I'm aware he still ports roms, but for ZTE Kis 3 and Moto G)
  12. Le Cosaque

    A Ubuntu Touch request.

    So today BQ is releasing a limited time sale on Aquaris E 4.5 with Ubuntu touch http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html This shows that the OS is finally stable and usable. In the near future I won't have time to learn how to port and to port it (final year law student, a lot of exams etc.) So I was wondering, does anyone (except KonstaT, who doesn't have a Blade III anymore) gonna try and port it?
  13. Le Cosaque

    [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    KonstaT, sorry for bothering you, but I was wondering is there a way to install only system settings and trebuchet launcher from your cm11 to your cm10.1? I am asking because I want to set up a custom icon pack, but cm 10.1 doesn't support changing only the icons without the theme, unlike cm11. Thanks in advance and have a nice day ^_^
  14. So I installed it a couple of hours ago, so far so good. I've found no bugs and my bluetooth Nokia BH-503 headset works perfectly with this rom. Great job!
  15. Dude, please, read all the comments in the thread... Two or three posts above you, you will see that a working link has been posted. I hate when people just post comments wanting something before reading every comment that has already been posted in the thread. Post only after you have searched the forum comment by comment. It will take you less time that I took the devs to build the rom. And if they can do that, you can just read :)

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