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  1. I'm just downloading a Debian live cd,and will use that rather than this Ubuntu. At least then I can have another go at rooting before I install it,as that will take a day or so by the time I've updated it to testing,installed Openbox,written the start script,menus etc. etc. My last cable was ok too,I think Tesco must have found a much cheaper supplier,and are paying under 5p per hundred going by the quality of this one!
  2. Funny you should mention the usb cable,I use the one that came with my Moto G as the one supplied with the Hudl is a very loose fit on the micro usb end,I did try both,but do not trust the Hudl one to make a safe connection as it is so wobbly! :unsure:
  3. Sorry for the late reply,and thanks very much for your help! At the moment I'm still using Ubuntu 13.04,its on an old laptop I was given that I'm using until I replace my PC that died. But I will be replacing it with Debian Testing,which I normally use,and only put Ubuntu on it as I was playing around trying different distros at the time. That should solve the problem. Thanks again for your help. :)
  4. Thanks for the reply! Yes it is the reset hole,the one on the back near the volume switch,with gold inside. I suspected it might be something like that,its not showing up in the file manager tree,or on the desktop or anything? Followed the instructions carefully,turned it off,connected it to the computer,held the volume up switch and pressed the reset for a second,and kept the volume up switch held for 10 seconds,then a quick press of the power switch to make sure its not in charging mode? Its doing something as I have real problems turning it on again after trying this. Could it be a problem with the Hudl,as it does turn itself on sometimes,after its been switched off? :wacko: I do hope its not faulty,as its my third one and only had it a few weeks,the first one got so hot charging,it burnt all the case,along with all the other problems,the second one had graphics issues,then froze hard and the Tesco Tech support tried to do a reset with a pin etc. but it did not want to know!
  5. Hello,this is my first attempt at rooting a Hudl. Using the method from the first post in the thread,I'm getting this in the terminal libusbx: error [op_open] open failed, code -1 errno 32 rkflashtool: fatal: cannot open device Has anybody got any idea what is happening please?

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