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  1. btw its possible to change partition sizes, but youre unable to recover phone with stock roms!!! problem is if you change boot and recovery you cant boot after all DANGER!!! In theory you have to change ofset of recovery first, leave free space for boot, then reflash recovery, test if recovery does boot and then create boot partition fdisk -H64 -S32 /dev/block/mmcblk0 is the correct ofset to change partitions, spended the whole night to get this working. as long as you can adb either to recovery or to normal boot youre alive
  2. why kernel image is so huge, if i build kernel with xz its about 4mb !? did you compress initrd also with xz or in standard gzip?
  3. Enable xz compression in kernel defconfig and save some extra mb ;)
  4. I´m far behind this for now.... Working SlimLP 5.1.1 for GT-I9515 http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s4/i9505-develop/rom-5-11-galaxy-s4-ve-gt-i9515-t3184385
  5. Got it... solved http://www.modaco.com/topic/341374-custom-you-data-partitions-size/?view=getnewpost My last post...
  6. Try fdisk -H64 -S32 /dev/block/mmcblk0 I have successfully changed partition 16-19 on my u8825-1 TWRP works without any restrictions For people who loose pattition table like me as i used fdisk without offset. Go to twrp terminal command echo -e "n\nxxxx\n+xxxxK\nw" | fdisk -H64 -S32 /dev/block/mmcblk0 This will add next free partition eg you have deleted 19 and 18 this will create 18 where xxxx is first block and xxxxK or xxxxM or xxxxG is size of partition in kb/mb/gb If you add partition 19 internal sd you have to toggle filesysten to 6b echo -e "n\nxxxx\n+xxxxK\nt\n19\n6b\nw" | fdisk -H64 -S32 /dev/block/mmcblk0 Alternative you can skip size cause 19 is last partition with test of space using default value echo -e "n\nxxxx\n\nt\n19\n6b\nw" | fdisk -H64 -S32 /dev/block/mmcblk0 Hope you understand syntax and this will help Spend the whole night to unbrick my device phil2sat
  7. Please someone with u8825-1 I need the output of: fdisk -H64 -S32 -l /dev/block/mmcblk0 This will list the table with new ofset
  8. That would be too easy TWRP don't like to flash new roms to nonexisting partitions (black screen) Even wipe (black screen) Can't use fdisk on TWRP console Before i had slimkat running No way around. At first partitiontable must be complete. Then happy flashing again. I also loaded the stockrom update.app to sdcard dload. But needs correct partition table.
  9. At first i have no pc. twrp is working and i have external sd access dload stops after unpacking. Installing and at the same moment failed. Has someone a flashable.zip for recovering my missing partitions First there was only partition 18 and 19 missing. Then i tried to edit the one for 8800 with result of another two missing partitions. #!/sbin/sh cd /sbin ./fdisk /dev/block/mmcblk0 <<EOF d 19 d 18 n 125953 207872 n 207873 477184 t 14 b w EOF My last try... Need to unbrick my g330 Many thanks for any help
  10. Hello at first. After some days with my new Phone i found out, i don't like Touchwiz. After rooting (towelroot/supersu) Flashing custom recovery (using Rashr, philz touch from 9505) I made a nandroid backup of my stockrom. Since i tried several custom roms (slimkat 8.2 and cm11 nightly from 9505) The problem of all roms are there is no touch/radio/wifi (i think wrong initialization in ramdisk) I was able to get the touch to work by reflashing the stock kernel but then also no radio/wifi + wrong partition setup (no sdcards) I have attached the extracted stock ramdisk and added a full bootup dmesg.txt So i hope some kerneldevs would help me and a lot of other people to get a working kernel to use with 9505 roms. Thanks phil2sat Also i wish that every news about customizing s4 ve is added in this thread. for radio you have to patch/edit cm11 updater_script where the gsm blobs are copied. Simple change i9505 to i9515 and radio/Internet works. Code: ifelse(is_substring("I9505", getprop("ro.bootloader")), run_program("/sbin/sh", "-c", "busybox cp -R /system/blobs/gsm/* /system/")); To Code: ifelse(is_substring("I9515", getprop("ro.bootloader")), run_program("/sbin/sh", "-c", "busybox cp -R /system/blobs/gsm/* /system/"));
  11. If i install slimkat then under apps i see fm-transmitter. After click it says APP not installed. Where do i get this apk? Bzw. New adreno libs with synopsis kernel in g330 and slimkat 8.0 works fine. @chil360 with your kernels do i have always the Problem with sim activation. Sometimes i have to reboot three or five times before it works. I dont have this Problem with synopsis vor cexstel kernels, it is no Hardware issue. And i like your kernel so much....
  12. Thanks @chil360 for reup I know but is it possible to do the testbuild also for g330
  13. Its weekend would Luke to try the testbuild in g330... Download of 8.0 for g330 doesnt work 2nd attempt Thanks phil2sat
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