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  1. im using it with swappines at 100, and didnt see any huge problem with battery and the phone bekomes faster ;)
  2. when i get back my y300 (broken touch screen) i will test the facebook calls or alrleady you know if they work?
  3. now i have an lg l5 ii. and comes with 470mb of available ram with 127mb of zram on android 4.1.2
  4. maybe we can ask the cm team for an official cm10/10.1
  5. http://getcm.dazzozo.com/?device=u8833 so why the rom is on cyanogenmod page?
  6. i dond understand why we dont have cm10-10.1 official instead of cm10.2-11 wich our device dosent have drivers for them :S.
  7. wich version of twrp do u use? always use the latest one
  8. on the begginning of the log there are alot of errors related to it
  9. there is a problem with your repaked kernels, when i enable wi-fi the phone stuck and the only way to fix this is to reflash the rom
  10. what about the facebook calls? that logcat is enough or i should do something elese to help?
  11. w8 for more reports about this, maybe is only mine problem or of the person that i called i managed to take a logcat: http://www.mediafire.com/download/znffj24se8e0wyz/2014-08-25-17-06-52.txt see if it can be useful ;)
  12. i dont know, i used it without calling with facebook :(

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