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  1. Hello Fagyi, I tested your latest build (20140611) together with gapps (20140607) and int2ext+. At first I had some problems with an update (I had a previous version installed aleady). Installing the latest ROM worked well, but afterwards there were some errors. Some pages within "Settings" crashed and I was unable to install or update any app using Google Play Store. I always got a "not enough space" error message. So I booted back into ClockwordMod Recovery and cleaned the Dalvik cache. After that I was unable to boot the phone again. It was stuck at the CyanogenMod Logo (waited for more than one hour). At last, I had to do a clean install (including a full wipe). After that everything worked fine. Exchange is working for me. And the problems I mentioned earlier when using bluetooth phone calls seem to be fixed. I had very annoying noises when making a bluetooth phone call ealier. Now it is much better (still a few noises, but much better than before). Keep up the great work! Regards, Dominik
  2. Hello fagyi, here are my experiences while using your ROM. I updated from an earlier version 20140302. I used your instruction No. 2 (Upgrade from before version CM11) to upgrade my installation. It did not work! When starting my device, it is stuck at the Cyanogenmod logo. So used instruction No. 1 (Fresh install) and then it worked. Some other stuff I found out: The latest gapps did not work. When trying to install an app using Google Play Store, it crashes. So I installed the previous gapps, which works well Exchange is now working well Bluetooth is not working. When trying to make a phone call using a bluetooth device (headset or car audio), dialing works well. But then there is an very, very annoying loud noise, which makes it unable to understand the other person. Sometimes some information seems to be stuck on the screen. E.g. the notification that the device is connected using USB does not disappear when you disconnect the USB cable. Or when you move an app on the home screen, you see the two options "uninstall" and "app-info" at the top of the screen. However these option never disappear.
  3. Hello fagyi, what is the difference between cm-11-20140403-UNOFFICIAL-skate-FTS-SFR.zip and cm-11-20140403-UNOFFICIAL-skate.zip? Which one do I have to use?

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