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  1. Nice update.. Like it.. Good Material Design.
  2. Hello.. any update on those uploads? how's 4.3.1 working?
  3. Works but with some FC's .. i have 2 many apps installed to do the switch and properly work.. i need a fresh install, so i wait for miui kk.. ty for your work.
  4. For ANY use of KITKAT you need ANY SPEED/SIZE external sdcard inserted. for ringtones install Zedge.. works for me. camera wont work without sdcard inserted.
  5. we're getting offtopic .. you can get those times without any data/wlan/gps/bluetooth .. only calls .. like a dumbphone .. my mom gets 7 days on this phone (original rom - Cosmote Xplore .ro) , i never got more than 2 .
  6. i'm on v1 with Greenify & GreenPower (almost 2 days with calls and mail - permanent 2g connection - 3g when needed)
  7. Reporting .. back Reflashed (both zips) Problem 1: Cant use internal SD as SDCard , can not save and photo and stuff without any SD inserted (not realy a problem who does not use a SD card) Problem 2: Tried to Format SD Card (External) After Confirmation not formatted (Did format with windows) Everything else working SMOOTH! . even better than MIUI Xposed + GravityKK and it's a complete rom.
  8. Seeder APK (From xda-developers) and no lag ..we can install it ..
  9. Reporting for duty.. Battery seems ok (lasts about 1 day) but after each reset (if i reset) i lost almost 10% Default camera gives FC (Using CameraZoom) Having no external sd card gives error -2 (Please mount sdcard) - i have sd but tested without In rest its all GooD
  10. Hello, great work, can you still work on higher versions of miui? i use 4.8.8 (mail app it's a breeze vs 4.2) also , can you integrate please Flash Player in System Apps? (i can copy them and then flash again) http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/installers/archive/android/ and AdAway , as inapp security gives FC on block advertisers https://f-droid.org/repo/org.adaway_51.apk (needed in System App .. could not install unless flashed by zip) The default Browser i could not find either , i can tell you it's like Internet Explorer for windows .. NEEDED by OTHER apps, that's also a small req. Viper4 android FX ? In rest it's ok, i dont care about free ram .. ram is there to be used.. not to be free (i dont play games on zte blade v) , to play games use PC / Tablet , etc.. not phone Phone is for Emails (on the go) and Calling People (or get calls) not play games . and ocasionally GPS.. (Edit: Clock App: add timezone not in english) Thank you for your precious time given to the comunity..
  11. Having problem with Exchange (Email) with latest update ... reverted Exchange.apk (from older update) and working.
  12. install https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maplekeycompany.apps.numberfixer - run the patch 3 or 4 times (until you get no more numbers) you need to select 10 numbers and +4 not +40 and contacts are fixed .. please use 4.3.7 as this version is the most stable (for me at least) CosmoteXplore

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