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  1. Any chance of make the 1.5 update again. I'm trying to resurrect my old pulse and I'm only getting the T-mobile logo. Thanks
  2. Get hold of Flash Notify from the market. Its free and flashes the screen on and off for SMSs and Missed Calls
  3. We're going to get FroYo soon ?? :(
  4. Are there any free terminals on the Market?
  5. Try cleaning the battery contacts, on both the battery and phone. I had random reboots months ago and this fixed it.
  6. I would like to move the speaker to the front, but dont think thats possible.
  7. Just tried these and it doesnt help. Did batch_2001 suggestion on the O2 thread and it worked. Only needed root explorer and the file he provided and it works. Sent an MMS to myself took a little while to send but it went and came back :P
  8. press your finger on the home screen for a couple of seconds. a popup should appear to add shortcuts. select this to add shortcuts to settings or whatever program you need.
  9. same problem here. On 3 and mms not working. The settings are automatically setup to be Name - 3 Apn - three.co.uk proxy - not set port - not set Username - not set Password - not set Server - not set MMSC - http://mms.um.three.co.uk:10021/mmsc MMS proxy - mms.three.co.uk MMS port - 8799 MCC - 234 MNC - 20 APN type - not set Tried adding another APN as Name - three mms Apn - three.co.uk proxy - mms.three.co.uk port - 8799 Username - not set Password - not set Server - http://[email protected]/mmsc MMSC - not set MMS proxy - not set MMS port - not set MCC - 234 MNC - 20 And also tried changing the original to Name - three Apn - three.co.uk proxy - not set port - not set Username - not set Password - not set Server - not set MMSC - not set MMS proxy - not set MMS port - not set MCC - 234 MNC - 20 APN type - not set and keeping the 2nd "three mms" Could someone on 3 please post their APN settings??
  10. yes i am using a2sd but that problem is a install unsuccessfull message. the problem im having is downloading apps. i've tried the fix ext but still doesnt work
  11. I've got the same problem and I'm on 3 in the uk. I go to the market to download a new application or upgrade an existing one. Starts to download then stops and I get a notification "Download unsuccessful". Same problem with using my wifi at home. I'm using the vanilla 1.7 rom. Are there any logs to look at on the pulse to see why its failing?
  12. I'm sure I've got the same card aswell and have problems. Are you sure apps2sd is working? What size are your partitions? and what type are they?
  13. I think theres a problem with either the file or the server. How big is your downloaded .zip file? I've tried to download it twice and is stopped at 8.4M and 5.8M
  14. Paul has added e2fchk to boot time in 1.8. Its supposed repair the partition at boot time. Not sure if it actually works or not.
  15. You'll need to do a repair everytime you reboot the phone. Otherwise apps wont install.
  16. You'll find that if you unplug the charger and leave the phone for a little while the battery level increases. Well it does on mine anyway.
  17. How do you know if HSDPA is working or not. I know a speed test will sort of answer this but what if its a slow HSDPA connection. Is there some status on the phone to check?
  18. Is anyone else experiencing random reboots with the 1.7 rom? Was running co pilot the ther other day and the phone just rebooted itself. Today I exited out of the browser and it rebooted. I've had other reboots aswell whilst exiting out of other programs. I've did a wipe and format before installing 1.7 so there's nothing there from a previous rom.
  19. After several rom installs and wipes and formats, I've found that google maps is actually in the 1.7 rom. I wiped the phone Formatted the SD:ext partition Then installed the 1.7 rom, rebooted and Google Maps and Titanium was there. This wiped all my data and apps off the phone, but I had taken backups with Titanium. Going to see now how restoring them works.
  20. What kind of wipe should I be doing to get my phone sorted?? I've currently got 1.7 installed. Google Maps aint working and I get java errors when I boot up the phone. If I go to Quick Boot and then select wipe I get several options Wipe data/factory reset Wipe Dalvik-cache + some others If I do a data/factory will it also wipe the apps2sd partition and also the fat32 partition? Thanks
  21. I installed 1.7 this morning. Google Maps no longer works I get "The application Google Maps has stopped unexpectedly" Anyone else getting this??
  22. answers on are the wiki aswell http://wiki.modaco.com/index.php/Huawei_U8220
  23. Could someone make this thread a sticky so people can find the wiki?? It may get updated a bit more and also stop ppl from posting the same problems over and over
  24. Wiping your phone reverts it back to the french version that the rom came from, with French calendar and Bouygues home background. You just need to set your location back to english in settings>Locale & Text>Select Locale Once you've done this reboot your phone for it to take effect.
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