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  1. Hey Rayno It allready does. It should be shown in the "AllDay Event line." I've also added a version with facade. If you use calendar or tasks a lot it's a must have! :) /Onslow
  2. File Name: Modified HTC 1.17 File Submitter: Onslow_dk File Submitted: 6 Jun 2007 File Category: Other Modification of the standard WM6 HCT 1.17 (HTC s710) Requires HIL Alarm and Smartmonitor. Click here to download this file
  3. Made a new edit to the HTC theme - including Facade Plugin. (Kalender and Opgaver means Calendar and Tasks) :rolleyes: Requires HIL Alarm Plugin: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=...=post&id=12283 and SmartMonitor: http://www.airfagev.com/utilities/monitorplug.ARM.CAB ... And ofcourse Facade: http://www.sbsh.net Install these first if you don't have them. HTC_Facade.zip Download / Unzip the ZIP-file, and put everything into the Application Data / Home -folder. (You only need the two HTC-wallpaper images if you don't have the standard "HTC 1.17 theme"). Choose AI-HTC Facade in Settings / Homescreen. Enjoy! :P
  4. 665 downloads

    Modification of the standard WM6 HCT 1.17 (HTC s710) Requires HIL Alarm and Smartmonitor.


  5. Hi I've edited the green HTC 1.17 homescreen. I've added battery-monitor, MRU-icons with description, all day events and alarm-plugin. Hope you like it :rolleyes: AI2_HTC_710.zip Requires HIL Alarm and SmartMonitor Just download/extract the zip file and put everything into Application Data / Home and go to Settings / Homescreen and choose AI-HTC Homescreen. I know, that the HIL Alarm doesn't work properly on WM6 (and WM5) but I still like, that I can see the alarm setting on my homescreen (and disabling of the alarm also still works - just click it once) Edit: I've changed the XML a bit. I had left some Danish words in there - they are now translated :P Also included the 2 wallpaper images in the zip-file. (You only need those, if you don't have the HTC 1.17 standard theme) HTC_WallpaperImg_320x240.bmp HTC_WallpaperImg_240x320.bmp
  6. When I have used IExplorer or sent a MMS, the "GPRS-active" icon stays on, and I have to go into CommManager and deactivate GPRS. Is that a bug - or is that just WM5? In my Qtek 8020 I just had to press the "End" button once - and the GPRS was disconnected. /Onslow
  7. AAAAAAHH! Yes of course! I had completely forgotten about those! Thanx m8! :) /Onslow
  8. I hope that's not true!?!? :) But I have been thinking about finding a little rubber-pad which is just a little bit higher than the existing two pads, so I can get rid of those imprints. Maybe HTC/QTEK should provide those pads FOR FREE!!! ;) /Onslow
  9. Every time I have used IExplorer or sent a MMS, my GPRS icon keeps hanging, and I have to go into CommManager to disconnect. Is that a bug? Coz' on my Qtek 8020 I just had to press the End button once, and then the GPRS disconnected automatically. /Onslow
  10. I have exactly the same problem. It takes forever to load the theme into the phone to check it, then change it again on the PC, load it on to the phone.... and so on. :D
  11. scott2eyes --> I think I love you!!! That's a nice guide!!! I've been looking all over for something like that!!! :-D
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