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  1. ASUS Padfone S is not a bad phone either. A convertible phone with Snapdragon 801AB chipset, 2GB RAM, 8MP/2MP camera and 5" Super IPS LCD HD screen for only MYR899/EUR220+/$253+ :D
  2. Glad to see Lollipop finally landed on Y300. ^_^ Kudos to the devs for keeping this phone alive! :D
  3. Hmmmm I think I had this problem before.. Make a Nandroid backup on recovery and try factory resetting your phone.
  4. Thanks for everything, guys. :D My mom bought me a OnePlus One yesterday.
  5. Duuuuude, SlimKat. xD Just leave your phone overnight after the flashing (don't worry about the battery on day one, it will recalibrate itself), regularly clean the junks on ur phone (with SD Maid), regularly wipe /dalvik-cache and /cache and finally, always keep your internal storage spacious ;)
  6. You used the Android Lollipop bootscreen that is in the IdeaL Theme, didn't you? Try wipe /cust. I don't know if this could fix the problem, but just... try.
  7. SlimLP's boot animation :D Author: Cristian Giordano source: SlimRoms website - "SlimRoms meets Lollipop!"
  8. For me, it's no use if the phone has a dual-core, quad-core, octa-core or nona-core processor ..if the manufacturer gives poor support and poor hardware optimizations on the device. *ahem* closest example: Huawei Why the harsh words, Huawei? :angry: The picture above shows the reaction of Huawei support team against frustrated Ascend Mate2 users in the US after Huawei announced that there's no KitKat update for them. However, Huawei apologized and promised them a Lollipop update in mid-2015 source: Android Authority
  9. Thanks for all the fish, Luca. :) P.S. - Are you still gonna keep your Y300?
  10. Alright Luca, when you already got the phone, be sure to give us your own Moto G review okay? :P (How is the phone? the display? the battery life? how smooth is it? How's Motorola support? How's the devs support, etc.)
  11. I heard Moto G 2013 > 2014 in terms of display and battery life. Now i'm in dilemma :\
  12. My next phone is either a Moto G or Zenfone 4 (A450CG) or OnePlus One. But my wallet says "dream on!" :P :D
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