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  1. Got the chance to buy an Archos 101 (used) for about £100. I had been looking forward to getting something like the AndyPad Pro but the reviews seemed a bit hit and miss so I decided not to. Even though it's an older gen8 device and isn't likely to get official ICS support from Archos, is it still worth a go for the low price just for a bit of web browsing, email, Facebooking, XBMC remote, etc? I haven't fully looked into what third-party firmwares are available for it but I believe there's at least a version of Cyanogen7 for it so I can get up to Gingerbread (the same as my phone).
  2. Hm, possibly not the best device then. I suppose I could get away with just charging it in the house, but I'm unsure what sort of life I'd get if I was using it for navigation (i.e. screen always on, GPS active, occasional 3G activity) so I was hoping to just run a cable to it at all times just in case. I'll maybe try an email to both Commtiva and Viewsonic to see if I can find out any proper information, but thanks for the pointer!
  3. Hi all, now the N700 is coming down in price (sub-£200 on Amazon) I'm thinking about picking one up for car use (mainly as a GPS, possibly Spotify to go through the aux input on my headunit, etc). Does anyone know if it's possible to get a car cigarette lighter charger capable of charging these? I have a Belkin USB one which I use for my HTC Desire currently, but it's only 500mA which I don't think is enough from what I've read briefly on here? Does anyone already do this and find it a good/bad solution? Cheers!
  4. Yeah, I'm on OpenDesire at the moment and it's OK. Not a fan of the multicoloured LED, and it has problems with Exchange push email (I get notifications as you'd expect, but if I then read the email on a PC the notification doesn't disappear). Gmail works fine (read on the web = read on the phone) though. I'd like to start my own ROM and I'm probably technically able (very skilled with Linux and IT in general) but it's too much for me to keep on top of, tracking the latest Android sources, manufacturer-specific releases, merging them into something I want. I'd rather find a good ROM (MCR and OpenDesire both seem good and not too full of rubbish, they're fairly close to stock) and stick with it while someone who has more spare time and inclination does the hard work and I'll chip in a donation or go for an ad-free account depending on which one I decide to stick with once Froyo is out and finished on the Desire (as I think that will contribute hugely to stability, although I do think both ROMs are excellent at the moment considering they're based on leaks, betas, and stuff for other phones).
  5. I've been having a play with a few ROMs, including OpenDesire and the MCR. I see there's two MCRs now, the r21 version which I tried, and the r4 work-in-progress one which I haven't. What's the difference? If/when I sign up for an ad-free account I can build r4 both with and without Sense (I prefer without) so does this mean that the r21 series is dead and those people who prefer stock Android features over Sense will just need to build the r4 series (or future versions) without Sense? I see that the r21 series is based on FRF91 while the r4 is based on a leaked Froyo ROM, does this mean that the r4 series will have better device compatibility (i.e. LED behaviour and a fix for the reported echo problems) because it will have specific Froyo support for the Desire rather than just generic FRF91 support and bits taken from older Eclair Desire ROMs? Cheers!
  6. There's at least two unlocking services listed on the front page of this forum. And I believe you can still use older radios with the new ROM but without 720p recording? Or are they a proper requirement now?
  7. No, you need at least 3 satellites (from memory) to fix your location, and with three it's still pretty poor accuracy. I was just pointing out that seemingly since the update it was a lot slower to find ANY satellites, normally I'd have expected it to find 2 or 3 very quickly and then once it's found those and got a lock on your position, it's a lot more trivial to work out where the other satellites are in the sky and lock onto those. It does seem to be working though now, I tried it again later on in the day and it picked up my position pretty quickly. I wonder if it's just because I had done a wipe and therefore to start with the handset didn't even have a rough idea of where I was located (i.e. if it knows you're in the UK then it knows roughly where the satellites are using AGPS, which can also work from phone tower locations, and can just try and fix from there before spreading the search wider).
  8. Is anyone having GPS problems with r21? Previously my handset would get a GPS fix typically after about 30-45 seconds, however I tried to use Google Maps this morning and it wouldn't get one at all. I've installed GPS Status from the Market and this is showing between 1 and 3 satellites but 0 fixes even after several minutes. Could this be a ROM problem?
  9. Me too, also submitted to random link generator :) https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTg3OTgyOQ
  10. Just to update, it worked a treat! I didn't charge the battery up fully, as I'm impatient, but it was about half charged. I simply followed the instructions in the SEUS software and booted up into an upgraded R4DB005 W810i. I don't know what the original software version was as I forgot to check, but the software paused for a while while it was updating so it definitely did something! From Expansys, I think it could have been something like R4CE012 or something like that.
  11. Looks like they've opened it to the public, it's a free download from the SE website now. Looks like it's been written in Flash (or at least the user interface side of it) so I don't think different PCs and OSs comes into it so much (especially not given the similarity of 2000 and XP, which I guess most folks are probably running). I'll probably give it a go tonight once I've charged the phone and hope for the best :)
  12. Cool, I don't really mind branding as long as it doesn't affect performance (which it doesn't seem to). On my SPV C500, I noticed quite a bit of difference when I switched to a non-Orange firmware, but the W810i is pretty good anyway. In some ways, I'd prefer it if it didn't unbrand it, in case of any problems I can still send it back to Orange and it's not so obvious that I've been flashing it :D
  13. While I was downloading the latest PC Suite from Sony Ericsson's website earlier, I found a download for "Sony Ericsson Update Service" and thought to myself "Hey, great, are they letting users flash their own phones now, unlike my old T610?". However, before I try it and balls up my new phone, is there anyone a little more gung-ho on here who's already tried it? If so, is it a yay or a nay? I'm not too fussed about debranding, I've not really noticed much intrusive Orange stuff yet, but being able to get the latest software fixes without the hassle of taking the phone to an authorised service centre would be a bonus! Cheers!
  14. Thankfully, eventually, I managed to get through. I now have the same package I've always been on, at the same price, with a new W810i on the way. Due to going for an 18 month contract, I also have a "Magic Number" too, so hopefully that might make things a bit cheaper than before. ?50 for the handset mind, but it's only about 2 quid per month since I'll probably be keeping it for the life of the contract. I really must remember to ring late at night next time, phoned at 10:30pm, had none of the previous problems I'd had with the automatic menus, and got straight through :)
  15. I finally figured out that to upgrade my current contract (rather than add a new contract to my Orange account) I had to sign in to the "Your Account" section. When I got there I found the package which matches my now defunct YP200, as a Web Exclusive package. However, I can't sign up for the Web Exclusive package on the web like I can with the others, I have to call 343. Not a problem, but when I call 343 and press "2" to get to the billing query menu, it claims it doesn't recognise my input. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH! Will get it sorted one way or another, I guess :) edit - I've finally got onto menu 2 by turning on keypad tones on my SPV C500 (does it not send DTMF tones with the keypad tones turned off or something?) but now when I try and select option 4 for upgrades, Mrs Roboto just reads me the whole menu again. Rant over. For now. :D
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