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  1. Bradshort

    rockbmi - feedback

    Bought an Acer R11 chromebook [email protected] and arrived safe and on time and Item was described [emoji846] Thanks
  2. Bradshort

    Aced Chromebook R11 - White - Mint - SOLD HERE

    All received and working as described. Thanks How do we leave feedback?
  3. Bradshort

    Aced Chromebook R11 - White - Mint - SOLD HERE

    yep I'll take this mate. Note used a chromebook before, worth a play
  4. Bradshort

    Just received a Hudl 2 system update

    Having applied the update, Hudl 2 is feeling a lot less responsive. Boot to recovery and wiped caches but still appears as if touchscreen is lagging and a couple of apps have stopped working correctly. Worth mentioning that I heavily use the Child Safety aspect, thus have two profiles . . I wonder if it is related to my issues.
  5. Bradshort

    The James Norton Column: MoDaCo reviews and battery tests

    I think this a sensible approach but do not forget the radio state in your tests. Depending on location, the mast search intervals and carrier proximities all contribute significantly to battery drain. So do we test in airplane mode for a fairer comparison? Or do we ensure that devices are connected to the same carrier for every test?
  6. Bradshort

    So-long Samba: There's no such thing as an ad-funded lunch

    These days I am rather well covered for data access whilst out and about. BT Wifi hotspots, free BT Wifi, Free O2 wifi and free "The Cloud" accounts usually have me covered but for those more remote locations, Samba was a godsend. No monthly fee and a banked quota of data to rely on was a perfect solution, but ultimately not sustainable. I would look at prepaid if there was no expiry time so maybe I will see if that exists in the market. Otherwise I will have to look at tethering as an option. My current GiffGaff 12 tariff does not allow it, so i would need to switch to the £10 package to open up tethering . . the sting in the tail? Doing this would incur a 1GB data allowance, down from unlimited . . .

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