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  1. @spanitzer then what are you doing with this weak device? you should buy a note 4 then
  2. http://www.modaco.com/topic/372741-rom411b209-aosp-mod-15012015/page-120
  3. when will cm12 be ready dazzozo?????? am bout to sell this stupid phone if we don't get lollipop roms
  4. nice to see zeelog still developing for this phone tho I have a y300 now
  5. synopsis or cexstel kernel which is best for stock based ROMs?
  6. set all to 0.25 if u don't want animations or 0.75 if u want some animations. which is default value in the ROM
  7. @krux3r that's the level of animation,the higher the more the animations the less like 0.25 the less the animations plus it appears faster to set low values
  8. @spanitzer stop that trolling nonsense.if u want L then make it yourself since its so easy.whats the point of trying something with no ril? that means no net,no calls texts so its useless at this point.
  9. Best kk rom.with the perfect theme feels like am on android L :)
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