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  1. Hi everyone, I've been sneaking into other ppls posts for some time now, but I've decided to start my own. Some time ago, I misundertood IMEI with MEID. Knowing this better I could reinsert my original MEID, also I backed up PRL from a working phone and restored it into mine. ESN came back, not sure if it was the same as before but mac adress definitely changed. Even though these tricks brought the phone back to almost normal function (at least theoretically), when I try to make phone calls, even tho the phone reads "calling" the call is not being made and I can't hear nothing (a grabation used to say some message before). Date appears unchangeable unless I go into airplane mode and reboot the phone, then I can change it, but when going back to normal mode it locks up again. Also buttons in notifiication bar aren't there. When checking: PROJECT MENU/VENEER INFORMATION QUERY/S/H VERSION QUERY , the only things differs from a working unmodded phone is EFS version. When checking: PROJECT MENU/NETWORK SETTING/ Operator and Country info option shows: Operator Name:chinatelecom Country Name:cn I still can't go back to stock UPDATE.APP method. Error is the same: Código: filename = /mmc1/dload/update.app call RCV_MODULE_END_EVENT failed,module = OEMSBL_VER_LIST CMD=0Xf,moduleaddr = 0xd2000000, len_tmp=0x4000 What I think it's holding me down is the EFS version but I can't be sure. Any gueses? PD: Is it possible to ask HUAWEI to release middle packages or vendor files? I think this might definitively help me.
  2. Hi mates. So, this VENDOR file is the so called "middle update"? Isn't it? If so, I've been looking for this info for aeons :') Those thingies are then, only reachable after the phone's company releases it? I'm so damned screwed... They won't in a million years I guess. Thanks for the clarification man.
  3. Allright, I think you didn't get my point. I MIGHT be in the need of a middle package for my specific phone model. It seems to not exist. Is there a way to create one? In the case this last thing is impossible: If I identify each partition and flash 1by1 from the update.app would it work? or by dumping partitions from another working phone, would it work? Sorry for the ammount of questions and thanks again
  4. If you read my first post you will see why I was asking if middle packages could be made by ourselves. My problem is pretty specific but there's nowhere to ask and where I ask I get no answers. Sorry for the inconveniences and thanks for the replies though.
  5. Ok last questions before I proceed: Is it safe to try another phone model middle package? Anyone have any info on these? Any documented cases about this? What if partition layout differs from mine and completely screw the phone? Thanks again EDIT: There is no B952 firmware for my phone model. And althought it is identical to a C8813Q, mine differs in name: CM990 for Venezuela
  6. Serious about this? Isn't that update just for google books?
  7. Ok, I appreciate your recommendation. I was about to manually try rewriting my IMEI. I asked in the thread you recommended, how middle packages work. I haven't seen any for my device, so I would need to make/get one. or are they universal? I'll wait for reply before tryng. Thanks again for helping me. EDIT: I've just open the U8815 middle package with Huawei Update Extractor and by the way it seems it is used to remap/reflag/rearrange correct stock partition information right? How do I do one of these for my device? And sorry, I'm just guessing :/
  8. What are these "Middle packages"? I've been unable to find anything explaining what they are. I ask because it might help me but my phone is another model. Can middle packages be made by ourselves or is it something special from Huawei? Could I use that very file you are sharing? Im on jellybean though and phone model is C8813Q. Thanks
  9. Ok, firstly, I'm on jellybean 4.1.2 and stock firmware the phone came with was B179. The error I get after force updating stock rom is this: filename = /mmc1/dload/update.app call RCV_MODULE_END_EVENT failed,module = OEMSBL_VER_LIST CMD=0xf,moduleaddr = 0xd2000000, len_tmp=0x4000 I haven't messed with my IMEI so far, I've just been struggling with my stock rom issue. I have succesfully flashed many roms, including 4.1.2, 4.2 and 4.4 based, and tried update.app with no success. Thanks in advance, PD: Tell me if there's any additional info that could help to clarify so I'd post it.
  10. First I installed MIUI. But then I let Shuame install a newer version of MIUI. That way I lost my signal, S/N, Mac Adress and IMEI. I then tried to install stock rom forcing update.app without success. Then, tryng to get back to stock rom has become my day and night as I'm aware it's needed before you can try fixing IMEI, S/N and Mac Adress. Then I read getting your IMEI to be zero is sometimes needed to flash stock rom and apply some hack in order to fool bootloader and it let you install any update.app. I read too many things but it's difficult to be sure since there's no specific known cases for my device. Thanks, I really appreciate your reply.
  11. Hi everyone, I have 3 little doubts I hope you can help me with. 1- Do you have any idea if this method would work with the IMEI being different than zero? Mine is 00000000. Have anyone faced this? 2 -Is this valid for GSM and CDMA phones both? Mine's CDMA 3- I read you have to zero your IMEI to be able to go back to stock rom (I can't force UPDATE.APP), and I'm not sure if that's enough for me since I realized in Engineering menu that AMSS, OEMSBL and EFS versions are diferent from what they were originally. I'm on B196, phone came with 179. I unlocked my bootloader following the official way. And please, don't be afraid to answer, I'm desperate but no one ever answers. I'm aware of the risks but I'm willing to do anything needed to be done to fix it. Thanks
  12. Hello and I hope not to be posting in the wrong place, nevertheless it looks like the right place. I had my phone flashed by a chinese program named Shuame. It did change my firmware B179 to B196. Now the phone lost IMEI and I can't reflash my stock rom :( It's been a month of reading, I didn't want to be a charge to anyone but now I'm stuck because I don't want to full/hard brick my phone. Please give me some help. Thanks in advance
  13. Hello everyone, my IMEI is 00000000 and I wanted to try this method but XDA dev link has been deleted. Is there anyone who knows the lost steps that was on the link or know a new link or method for this? Also my phone model is diferent, Huawei C8813Q it have no /efs folder or partition and I didn't do any NANdroid backup, just CWM backups, would this work with my phone too? Any help would be hugely thanked, I've been without phone for a month now. BTW my phone is CDMA and Im not interested in unlocking it, just reinsert IMEI to get it functional again. Thanks
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