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  1. For me, Link2SD worked good. Try TB and post the results.
  2. With which app are you converting them? I used Link2SD for that, maybe you should try it.
  3. This rom is just great, nothing more to tell you. It is perfectly finished, everything works, it is fast enough, compatible with everything. If you are not an really demanding user, it will work better than cm10.1.
  4. Does this rom have that black screen problem?
  5. There are lots of guys like this one.
  6. Guys, one off-topic, tell me what is the normal temperature of our device? These days I had the cpu temp. more than 35°C, is that normal. I got that when using Messenger mostly. Again sorry for off-topic, but this thread is the most active so I asked here.
  7. Just install the fcking rom, it is running very well without any tweaks installed, as I said earlier, all needed tweaks are already installed in the rom.
  8. I am using Aosp Mod atm, using it for solid 6 7 months now. I will transfer to Lollipop when it becomes more stable. About that video, try it, it is up to you.
  9. You see, this guy will answer your question: https://www.google.com. About tweaks, as I said, everything is in rom.
  10. As @killadroid says, some tweaks just make the system run worse. In Aosp Mod you have all needed tweaks that actually work, nothing more to do. Just install the rom and there you go, enjoy the maximum smoothness on this phone.
  11. You cant expect to run those high end games on this phone expecting them to run flawlessly, this phone isnt that good. About the kernel, it can improve some things but the stock kernel does its job best I suppose.
  12. Currently, and will always be, the AOSP Mod. Trust me.
  13. You have to go here: /system/build.prop Open it, find this line: ro.camera.sound.forced=1. Change 1 to 0, so it will look like this: ro.camera.sound.forced=0. Thats it, no more shutter sound, altough the focus sound will still be there.
  14. Im on Tapatalk so I didnt see it. My bad.

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