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    V8403 - ZTE ROAMER2
  1. Kelvin - VNer

    ZTE Open is a roamer2

    OK, now Cypress Touch screen working ! But anyone have the screen flickering problem ? Any ideas ?
  2. Hi, sorry for up top. I'm using V8403 - roamer2 device. When I compiled successfully the kernel from this source ( from KIS PLUS ), every thing is working perfect except WIFI. It have an error :blink: Do you know how to fix ? Edit: To fix Wifi problem, don't change CONFIG_LOCAL_VERSION
  3. Kelvin - VNer

    ZTE V790 - Touch screen Cypress driver problem

    It is here : http://www.modaco.com/topic/362850-zte-v790-icecream-sandwich-kernel30x-source-code/ Can you fix it ? Or only use source from ZTE Blaze III ? :unsure:
  4. Kelvin - VNer

    ZTE V790 - Touch screen Cypress driver problem

    Hmm , no one can help ?
  5. Hi, I'm using ZTE V790 roamer2 ( V8403 - version in my country ) with 256Mb Ram. I'm using kernel source from ZTE ( 11 part ), and build with some error but I fixed. I'm boot success with kernel but touch not work, and softkeys work. :unsure: Can someone tell me how to fix ? ---- Melfas MCS-6000 ---- Cypress CY8CTST241 ( --> I'm using ) Thanks you very much ! P/s: sorry for my bad English :(

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