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  1. i hope that helps .... also thx to bluemoon ... for his continuous support ....
  2. Sry for the late post .... was busy since college have started .... after reading the above post .... i need to do some explaining .... 1st lets start with the battery : - All mid range cell phone works fine on 3.7 volts ... so the battery is not the issue .... the ratings on the old battery (which is in Chinese / Japanese ) stats that it requires 4.2 volt of charge for charging and have a output volt of 3.7 volts ... The current rating i.e 22000mah or 1200mah etc will determine how strong the battery is ... like how long will it work on load . 2nd the connections : - If u are holding ur phone normally or looking at it when the camera is facing top ... u will see 5 wires .. 2 red at left 1 black in middle 2 black at right connect both the left red wire to the +ve terminal of the battery connect both the right black wire to the -ve terminal of the battery and pls dont neglect the middle wire i did the same at first .... the middle wire is responsible for the temperature and charging status signals. so when ever the phone is being charged the middle black wire sends a signal to the phone that yes the phone is in charging state and the charging percentage .... if u dont connect the middle wire ... the phone will not charge the battery .... it will be on hold all the time ! i will try to send a image of my phone .... but i just have one phone and cannot take pictures of the back connections with the same phone camera ! But after this explanation i think u can manage it !
  3. hmmm the link i gave is the one u need .... micro male and mini female .... thats all ... it will work either way .... u can say it mini to micro converter or the other way around .
  4. pls if some one have the file boot.img and sandiego.exe (AIO tool for x900) pls upload and share the link !
  5. just get a male micro to female mini converter like this one http://www.amazon.co.uk/Micro-HDMI-Male-Connector-Adapter/dp/B000TYL27M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1403065527&sr=8-1&keywords=hdmi+micro+to+mini+adapter
  6. Simple and Fast way to get your phone back to normal, if you have Problem of Screen Flasing Diff colours after flasing it with update.zip Things You need : - 58 mb patch, you can download from here http://darael.tpchq.org/SanDiego/updatezips/58MiB-patch/xolo/update.zip A hdmi cable with a supported Screen Steps :- If u have flashed ur phone with the original update.zip 299mb, just download the 58mb patch from the above link and copy it in ur root folder. use the hdmi cable and do a upgrade from storage via settings and after 5 mins u will have ur phone back to normal. If u have any problem or error during update of 58mb zip file reboot ur phone and clear ur cache and data ... dont worry this will not delete the update.zip file from ur system !
  7. Battery is very bad in xolo x900. My phone is almost 2 years old ... had the same problem after 1 year ... random power off anywhere, anytime, even if i had more than 50 percent battery. Went to xolo care for help, they didn't knew anything, asked them for a new battery they didn't had that too. So after much research i made a custom battery, and my phone works like a new till today ! Details :- Got this battery of ERD company SMG Wave 525(S5253) more details here http://www.erdglobal.com/nokia-compatible-batteries.html#samsung Remove ur battery and get the connecting pannel from the old (original stock) battery. or just try to connect the three wires with the new battery ... left - right for +ve and -ve middle connection for feedback and temperature sensor ! if u want i can send u a image of my phone and connections !
  8. Pls can some one just give me the patched boot.img file ... that link is not working ..... "Step 4 - This is image that I already patch using 37MB update.zip. Where you need it to get back the phone desktop to business as usual. https://dl.dropboxus...18135/image.zip"
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