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  1. i have to say that it works great on the verry old SPV C500(even if it is not qvga) thanks again!
  2. this app is great!! THANKS for this!
  3. so some people got the plungin for free i have have to pay for it??? it's a pity cuz i have no way to pay for it...no cc, no paypal, no nothin... :cry:
  4. i have my c500 locked...i tried ota no luck... i tried No Warez.... it hasn't got the adequate permission.... :cry:
  5. tnx i found your reply... but i forgot to post here.... tnx... beta player is the cause of this!
  6. try pressing keys 1 and 3 not soft1 and soft2 cuz most apps dont work with soft keys
  7. tnx benjymous now i dont have to cold boot weekly :D
  8. @squall i have my light turned out and i tipe slower cuz i can't find the keys...
  9. it takes longer than a normal boot... u should try again and wait a couple more minutes the orange screen appears for a while then the windows screen and then it askes u to restart the phone... but it takes a while...
  10. then u must really use it.... damn games :D what device??? SPC 500??? :D
  11. it's hard restet.... that's how microsoft call it....
  12. so why are you ignoring my post??? http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=199953 ????
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