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  1. Typical.. my good luck.. came home from work, ready to bake.. and page doesn't work properly. :lol:
  2. Man, you're the best!! And guys, you should donate something to! This is great stuff!
  3. Thanks, man.. you are god.. I've been trying for a whole day to recover my badword-up by stupid flashing Desire! :(
  4. Guess there's no way out.. thank God for titaniumbackup ;) edit: I wiped and flashed, and now the wired headset works flawlessly, but the bluetooth headset won't skip forward/backward, only start/stop.
  5. I've got a Desire with Modaco Custom Rom r3.1 and although I've owned it for some time it's just some weeks ago I tried the enclosed headset for the first time. But it wouldn't work. Not the answer button or skip forward/backwards. So I assumed it or the remote function in the rom was broken. But yesterday I tried a bluetooth headset and it too wouldn't answer or skip. So I'm wondering, the remote function in MCR3.1 IS working? And if the musikk player isn't recieving the signals from the remote, what program is "stealing" them? No other programs are doing anything when I press the buttons either.. I tried to do a nandroid backup and clear the settings, but the phone wouldn't start unless I erased the memory card too, and I can't find my extra 4 GB card. So I hoped to find some answers here before I did more work. ;)
  6. Has anyone else got problems controlling the phone with the headphones who came with the phone? I can't skip forward/backwards or answer. Didn't work with MCR3 either. (Never tried with original firmware). Firmware bug or are my headphones messed up?
  7. I'm not sure I trust that program, yesterday it measured my Kingston 16 gb class 2 card to be a class 4 card, write: 4MB sec, read 11MB sec. The first time I ran the test today, it measured the card to a class 2 card,write: 3MB sec, read 11 MB sec. Then I ran the test again, this time it measured my card to a class 6 card with write: 6MB sec and read 11MB sec. What I needed was a second opionion, I tried the program Flash Memory Toolkit with the card in a microSDHC usb adapter. It measured my card with several different file sizes from 1 to 5MB, the write speed ranged from 1117KB/sec to 3553KB/sec (about a "class 3.5 card"), and the read speed from 16677 KB/sec to 18931KB/sec. Ok, could this be correct? The I tried the sdhc card from my camera, a Lexar Professional SDHC 4GB 133x Memory Card. The program measured it to write speed from 12917KB/sec to 18563KB/sec. Wow. A "class 18" card?). It seemed to fast. So I did a final benchmark with SiSoft Sandra, and it seemed the two programs agreed. The conclusion about SD Card Speed Test is that it CAN give a correct score, but it seems it can also give wrong score. :( And to you who claim that "MY class 2 card is FASTER than a class 6 card", how did you measure it? By starting your phone and counting seconds, and the running some apps with a2sd installed? Or have you really measured it?
  8. Why is transferring with wm5torage slower than when using activesync? I'm using total commander + wince plug in and this is much faster than copying to the removable drive with wm5torage.
  9. I was thinking of using the external antenna adapter on the back of the phone. Is this for GSM 900/1800MHz signal only or will this help wlan as well?
  10. Will an external antenna improve the wlan range on my Qtek 8300? Or will this only improve the standard antenna signal? Is there any other way to improve the wlan connectivity?
  11. Have you ever tried using your phone as a modem? You have to enable modem usb mode instead of the normal usb setting. And when you can connect trough gprs with your phone, you should be able to connect trough wifi as well. Not necessarily while connected to activesync, but a util turning your phone into a wlan adapter.. like you turn it into a modem.. or a storage device.
  12. Here are some things you can try: 1. Install programs to your storage card when possible. 2. Read HERE for info about moving internet tmp files to your storage card. 3. Move most of the files from internal memory "my documents" to storage card "my documents". 4. If you use UPX on dll and exe files stored on the phone you can save much space. Just copy them from your phone to your computer, pack them and copy them back. Some files won't work after beeing UPXed, so keep backups! And be sure NOT to pack files stored in ROM, or else you will end up with LESS free space (cause the file would be stored both in rom AND storage-memory ;D). 5. You can also experiment with moving system files (non-rom once) from the windows directory to the storage card. If you've installed ".NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP1" on your phone, a directory called "windows" has been created on your storage card (if you didn't install it to the main memory :)). This directory has already been added to your phones system paths. So you can try to move files from "internal memory windows" to "storage card windows". Yeah.. and don't bother copying rom-files! :D To find non-rom system files with the internal file explorer remember to uncheck "Hide hidden files" and "Hide systemfiles" and check "Hide rom files" in options.
  13. Are you even discussing the same thing? If I understood the question (who was a little unclear), it was about accessing a wlan using the phone as a wlan adapter? Not accessing a wlan using a usb-wlan adapter plugged into your phone?
  14. Why would anyone buy a older version of a map? :D I mean.. if you're smart enough to know about map updates, you should be smart enough to know about version numbers too? :D Just messing with you.. when a company sells an upgrade for a device like tomtom one, or any other device which are meant for a broad range of users from non-technical to experts, they should make sure that the end user actually needs the update they are selling! :P
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