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  1. I play CoC to. That problem disappeared after I added swap. Try it.
  2. @FLRIZDARKK Adding Facebook and Twitter should be optional. It is individual. Not all of us use that social networks.
  3. In karnel adutor : 1. Under CPU set minimum frequency to 480, change governor to smartmax and apply on boot. 2. Under CPU Hotplug disable IntelliPlug ( former MPDecision) and apply on boot. I use those settings for a long time and I didn't have a single black screen. This worked for me on every lollypop rom. I would upload a screen shot of this but tapatalk won't let me for some reason.
  4. Try Nova launcher. I think Google now launcher isn't ideal for our ram.
  5. I confirm that. I don't remember when i saw a black screen since i set min freq to 480. And one more thing, disable MPDecision.
  6. It's only the case with your phone. I don't have that kind of problem.
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