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  1. I play CoC to. That problem disappeared after I added swap. Try it.
  2. @FLRIZDARKK Adding Facebook and Twitter should be optional. It is individual. Not all of us use that social networks.
  3. SwapDragon works very well.
  4. Can you tell me what swap script did you use?
  5. Read my post you will be pleased with the results.
  6. In karnel adutor : 1. Under CPU set minimum frequency to 480, change governor to smartmax and apply on boot. 2. Under CPU Hotplug disable IntelliPlug ( former MPDecision) and apply on boot. I use those settings for a long time and I didn't have a single black screen. This worked for me on every lollypop rom. I would upload a screen shot of this but tapatalk won't let me for some reason.
  7. Try Nova launcher. I think Google now launcher isn't ideal for our ram.
  8. Wi-Fi working fine here.
  9. I flashed the gapps after the rom, before first boot.
  10. I confirm that. I don't remember when i saw a black screen since i set min freq to 480. And one more thing, disable MPDecision.
  11. It's only the case with your phone. I don't have that kind of problem.
  12. I haven't experienced that bug.

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