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  1. Well it is a correct idea but seems like there will be no further releases for these phones, so...
  2. Do you know if 2.0 still requires replacement of call-related files?
  3. Yes I noticed only yesterday, did not pay attention before - slim6 is not particularly good wrt battery life. Also the phone gets perceptibly warm. Maybe it is possible to figure out what process causes all this.
  4. In a post above I've described a way to avoid this. With latest slim6 (1.17) the bug is still there. Treated the same way (replacing all files in /system/bin and /system/lib with "ril", "audio" or "radio" in their names with the files from cm13 in case they differ), calls work fine. In case you would like to try it, here is a link to the 1.17 build with such replacements which works for me: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz5n7ThWFJHOTkV1OFp1X2lQQnM
  5. Would be a truly gracious exit :D Let me express my sincere gratitude and admiration with regard to your enormous dedicated work. As a non-specialist I can only be guessing how many challenges have you met during all this time. Wish you most joyful year ahead, and doing the things you find important to do!
  6. You are welcome. Lag is from gapps mostly. I am using apps2sd to free up as much internal memory as possible - move all my apps automatically to the external card. Some boot manager can also help to free up ram. I used a xposed module but as I mentioned in a post above xposed seems to cause bootloops with this modification.
  7. I think rom, then kernel, then gapps then keyboard fix, all together.
  8. Did you try to flash this one?
  9. Interesting! Which one? Can you give a link? This topic is so huge once I miss something there is no hope I can find it :D
  10. I use latest opengapps pico. Camera never worked with me, neither on the cm rom. Wifi/cellular work without any interruptions.
  11. Here is a google drive download link to the one that worked for me. But be warned - I am an absolute diletant, cannot even recall what exactly did I change. In particular, if anything goes wrong with your phone, most likely I will be unable to help you in any way.
  12. Following the suggestion on a pc, I unpacked the cm13 rom archive, opened without unpacking the slim6 archive, and dropped the files from cm13 at the corresponding folders in slim6. 7z can do this, also I believe winrar or winzip can.
  13. Slim6 works now! Thanks to advices and I managed to make everything work, including outgoing/incoming calls. Except that unfortunately I cannot tell exactly how :D What happened is that after substituting the files listed above, the problem with calls still remained (when calling I could not be heard). I then looked for all files in system having "audio", "radio" or "ril" in their names which were different in cm and substituted them all. So obviously one of them helped but I don't know which, there were about 20 of them. Later on: discovered that unfortunately xposed (v87) causes a bootloop with it. Well, I can live without a couple of xposed modules (I only used boot manager and notifyclean)... Moreover since it seems that cyanogenmod is dead anyway, so slim becomes even more relevant than ever
  14. Now tried again with slim6 build 1.15 - same story, after replacing indicated files and rezipping cannot flash it, same message "error flashing zip" without any explanations. Without replacing files though there seems to be some progress: now when others call me we hear each other, it is only when I call that I cannot be heard (although I hear the recipient clearly). Here are the error messages from logcat during my call: 12-19 17:26:01.743 5650 5650 E : libaudcal: acph_init() - Allocated memory for acph_main_buffer!! 12-19 17:26:01.743 5650 5650 E Diag_Lib: actp_diag_init: call diag init function with B470333D 12-19 17:26:01.785 5650 5677 E AudioFlinger: no wake lock to update! 12-19 17:26:01.787 5650 5650 E AudioHardwareMSM76XXA: AudioHardware::openOutputStream Only one output stream allowed 12-19 17:26:01.813 5650 5650 E SoundTriggerHwService: couldn't load sound trigger module sound_trigger.primary (No such file or directory) 12-19 17:26:01.814 5650 5650 E RadioService: couldn't load radio module radio.primary (No such file or directory) 12-19 17:26:01.818 1133 1185 E AudioService: Media server started. 12-19 17:26:01.820 5650 5650 E bt_a2dp_hw: adev_set_parameters: ERROR: set param called even when stream out is null
  15. MD5 check seems to be turned off - when I flash other stuff it just says no md5 present and continues successfully. Here are some extracts from build.prop, could you suggest which one is it sensible to modify and how? Stuff present in the build.prop of cm and absent in build.prop of slim: persist.sys.dun.override=0 ro.cm.build.version.plat.sdk=6 ro.cm.build.version.plat.rev=0 persist.sys.root_access=0 Stuff absent in the build.prop of cm and present in build.prop of slim: dalvik.vm.debug.alloc=0 Some other stuff in the slim build.prop which might be relevant: # autogenerated by buildinfo.sh ro.build.version.security_patch=2016-11-05 ro.build.type=userdebug ro.build.flavor=slim_u8833-userdebug ro.build.characteristics=default ro.com.google.clientidbase=android-google keyguard.no_require_sim=true ro.url.legal=http://www.google.com/intl/%s/mobile/android/basic/phone-legal.html ro.url.legal.android_privacy=http://www.google.com/intl/%s/mobile/android/basic/privacy.html ro.com.android.wifi-watchlist=GoogleGuest ro.build.selinux=1 dalvik.vm.debug.alloc=0 com.qc.hardware=true ril.subscription.types=NV,RUIM rild.libargs=-d/dev/smd0 ro.telephony.call_ring.multiple=false ro.vold.umsdirtyratio=30 ro.config.low_ram=true config.disable_atlas=true persist.sys.force_highendgfx=true dalvik.vm.dex2oat-filter=balanced dalvik.vm.dex2oat-flags=--no-watch-dog dalvik.vm.image-dex2oat-filter=speed dalvik.vm.dex2oat-swap=false rild.libpath=/system/lib/libril-qc-qmi-1.so ro.ril.hsxpa=1 ro.ril.gprsclass=10 ro.adb.qemud=1

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