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  1. I see the B330 is now B330b - any changelog? Thanks.
  2. Not yet, am seeing a few issue from H7 users out there, so waiting until this is ironed out.
  3. Did the B140 to B170 and then B170 to B180 - all good. Thanks!
  4. tsutton

    Enabling storage adoption in Marshmallow on the Honor 7

    That's actually useful, thank you. Will this set-up be 'remembered' when there is a new ROM release from Honor?
  5. The B140 update has resolved the annoying duplicate Gmail icons. Thank you. :)
  6. tsutton

    Ask MoDaCo: The WileyFox Swift

    * Snapdragon 410 processor - how does it compare with the 800 series? Any noticeable slowness? * I'm assuming Google Play is supported out of box? * NFC supported? Thanks!
  7. tsutton

    Samsung announce the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

    One question... how will the edges work when you hold it on your left (or right) hand? Does it suffer from phantom touch?
  8. tsutton

    FIFA 14 for Android released as a FREE download

    The "FREE Gold Premium Pack" is actually a bit rubbish and you would have to spend a bit of more money to get a proper one! :/
  9. tsutton

    Carmageddon has ARRIVED on Android!

    Yep! Rated 18. The green blooded zombies were only for Germany I think.
  10. Please. Stop. Posting. Devices. That. I. Don't. Have. The. Money. For. :D Great price as well!!
  11. Latest news is saying that this has "already been fixed in latest version"
  12. tsutton

    O2 UK offering free wi-fi, even for non-O2 customers

    There's one near me... but it's 9.3 miles away and it's at McD which I never go! But for Norwich alone, up to the 2nd ring road, there are 13 hotspots. Might be handy someday.
  13. tsutton

    Weekend Project: Improve battery life with our 10 top tips

    Thanks for the Screebl Beta recommendatrion, has improved the battery life a bit!
  14. tsutton

    You want one of these - the SPY-C Android controlled tank

    I'm not buying it until it can shoot LASER!!!! ;D
  15. tsutton

    'My Xbox Live' comes to Android

    Finally, been waiting for that. Thanks for posting!

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