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  1. I see the B330 is now B330b - any changelog? Thanks.
  2. Not yet, am seeing a few issue from H7 users out there, so waiting until this is ironed out.
  3. Did the B140 to B170 and then B170 to B180 - all good. Thanks!
  4. That's actually useful, thank you. Will this set-up be 'remembered' when there is a new ROM release from Honor?
  5. The B140 update has resolved the annoying duplicate Gmail icons. Thank you. :)
  6. * Snapdragon 410 processor - how does it compare with the 800 series? Any noticeable slowness? * I'm assuming Google Play is supported out of box? * NFC supported? Thanks!
  7. One question... how will the edges work when you hold it on your left (or right) hand? Does it suffer from phantom touch?
  8. GTA V bug: Rockstar warns about parking cars in garages - http://t.co/HhKy9rO6OJ

  9. Ebay and Argos announce 'click-and-collect' tie-up - http://t.co/eb25CGdP6W

  10. The "FREE Gold Premium Pack" is actually a bit rubbish and you would have to spend a bit of more money to get a proper one! :/
  11. Yep! Rated 18. The green blooded zombies were only for Germany I think.
  12. MT @bensmithuk This is why you don't pack your own stuff when moving. @Pickfords men just out my sofa *in a paper bag*. http://t.co/NqByx6tj

  13. Please. Stop. Posting. Devices. That. I. Don't. Have. The. Money. For. :D Great price as well!!
  14. Latest news is saying that this has "already been fixed in latest version"
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