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  1. In fact, i remember that some guys gave you the confirm that it works. The problem seems be in the last build. No problem fonz, i have tried the rom some weeks ago, and i forget to report you the error, now madtrigger reminded me of it, therefore i confirm it. My mistake. :)
  2. I can confirm, i tried to flash the last build on g330, but it gave me an error. Maybe the updater-script, i don't know.
  3. Yes, if I remember well, this guy tried many lib from devices similar to g330, and with fortune he discover one that works. In this situation I can understand that is very difficult to resolve, so thanks to both! I can live without whatsapp calls.
  4. No is a logcat from aosp mod ported to g330, for the port we change two lib (libcm.so and audio.primary.msm...) that a guy gave to us. I know isn't a good method to port a Rom (I'm not an expert), but it works, and whatsapp calls are the first problem for me with aosp mod.
  5. H3ROS can you give a look at this logcat? Do you understand where is the problem? Thanks in advance! http://www.mediafire.com/download/e16v6kea42me4mj/logcat_and_device_info.zip
  6. At the moment not, I haven't th phone now, I gave it to my mother, because I changed smartphone.
  7. I think no, if I remember well, for the port we must change audio.primary.msm and libcm.so.
  8. Someone tried whatsapp calls?? They work for you? Seems like the mic don't work. Problaby is because I have the port for g330. But it's strange because Skype and other voip app work without problem.
  9. In fact, you are right! I bought the LG G2 32gb, it's awesome! Many people says that is faster than G3 and performance are very similar to the other premium phones of 2014 (s5, m8, opo etc.). The price is going down. There is a great community support with official Custom Rom (practically it's the brother of the nexus 5 but with better specs). Now I have android 4.4.2 that is perfect without problem and android 5 lollipop is officially arriving during this month. I'm really happy, the G2 is another planet compared to y300\g330... :D
  10. Disable the original lockscreen from setting > security
  11. @andrea2107 did you try the new build for g330?? I can't now. Thanks a lot fonz93!! :)
  12. Twrp recovery for G330 is the same for Y300\G510, you can download it from the topic for y300 or also directly from the official site. http://techerrata.com/browse/twrp2/u8833
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