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  1. Thanks bro! Wich responds with 4.4.4 and other versions. Instagram camera does not go, the screen is completely black and i tried everything but nothing
  2. Thanks, i got the code but it's not the bootloader , now how do i continue?
  3. Hi to all guys, I have a conserved y300 and I was going to install some custom roms, but as soon as I try to get the code to unlock the bootloader I can not, both on the site and with different programs. I contacted huawei's support but no results. (I've already done this with two other smartphones of the same model)
  4. I've tried it for 3 days and i have to say that it's really good, probably slightly better on the performance 9.0 , i did not have any problem excecpt whatsapp audio but it not relevant Thanks again Adeii!
  5. I'm trying the rom and I did not have the bluetooth problem but i have one with whatsapp, i can not listen to the audio in the ear. I enabled the gsm.proximity.enable string but it does not go too far
  6. I was able to find the cm11 kernel, but I installed it on the slimkat and it's okay https://www.mediafire.com/file/oazgdq17v2owd4p/Synopsis Kernel Cm11 11-07.zip
  7. The rom is fast in the home, I do not use the phone for games. There are so many tweaks and with the CAF display it is even better, without the hassle of the white box, I'll let you know in the next few days. Thank you adeii!
  8. More lag with this tweak, i have tested
  9. With these gapps I have a small amount of lag, small. Thanks ZOKA :) Now we clash of clans!
  10. It will mean that I will return on 4.4, I can not live without my clash of clans... xD
  11. Hi fonz, i play with clash of clans, and he have necessary google+ with account and the contacts will not sync... we have another solution ?

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