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  1. Got my new battery from China today. It came with a 'universal' battery charger which may come in handy if the micro USB port ever breaks (although I might check with a DVM first to see what voltage it is actually putting out first!) The battery on the right is the original 'bloated' one, the battery on the left is the new 'genuine' one, although I highly suspect it is a (very good) copy. As for the Google Play problem, I might just wait until Google issue a Play Store update, and hope that fixes the issue. KP
  2. Well, it seems to crash when I type something in the search bar, and it comes up with search suggestions. I managed to get around it by not using the search bar, but it is an annoying persistent problem for me. I did see a suggestion on Google that said uninstalling Google play and its updates, then reinstalling may fix the issue. I will try this at some point after I fix my battery problems!
  3. This ROM is starting to have problems now. Has anyone had/managed to fix Google Play, as it keeps crashing with the 'unfortunately stopped' message. :(
  4. Latest update: Ordered an 'official' battery and universal charger off aliexpress, for like $8. Will probably take ages to arrive from China. Hopefully it is a genuine one and not a fake that burns my house down :( In the meantime my battery has got worse. Even more swollen, now I can put my phone down on its back, and spin it as it is bowing out in the middle. Also, when using my phone, mainly on WiFi and watching videos, the phone suddenly dies. Even though the battery icon shows 75% or whatever. If I try and power back on, it just goes to a black flashing screen. The only way around is to USB charger cable and power back on :(
  5. ok thanks wiped the settings like u said, all is good again. got other problems now, the coolpad battery just goes when at 5% or less, so I took it out and it's all swollen!
  6. So after using the inbuilt Music app with this ROM, it is coming up with "Invalid Unlocker Detected - The installed unlocker is either outdated or invalid. Please update the unlocker to the latest version. If you purchased the unlocker from Amazon, you must install the GMMP trial from Amazon as well for it to work" I did update Nova, maybe that is causing this bug???
  7. Thanks Dalyer, ended up hopping from Maucat back to this rom, fewer issues it seems with this one (for me anyway) Couple more questions though: 1) Can you remove the 'OK Google' bar at the top of the screen? Or is it too integrated? 2) Can you remove the news/weather app thing on the left home screen? 3) I used to have mobile uncle tool on my phone, but now its gone. The one on the app store doesn't look like the same one either. Is there a way to manually install? 4) I read elsewhere in this thread that MicroMax have spyware/malware backdoors in their firmware. Is this ROM affected by that at all? (I installed this ROM from page 1) Thanks again all.
  8. So hopped back onto this ROM from the a310 nitro one again. After some fiddling around getting the USB connectivity to work by selecting Media Storage in the settings menu, as mentioned in an earlier post, all is mostly good now. Only problems I have now are that Copilot crashed when installing/setting up, but seems stable now. And also the sim lock not working in both slots, and screen lock pin not working, are slightly annoying. But I think this will be a keeper now :)
  9. So I'm going to move from XtremeVanilla V2, to this ROM as it seems to be the best one/most popular at the moment. Could you please answer some questions: 1) What are the basic steps again for this (I've forgotten as its been soo long since I flashed a ROM) 2) I want to do a clean wipe install, to delete all the old crud folders and files etc. CAn I simply just delete everything in both that Phone Storage and SD Card folders that opo up when I connect the phone to a PC? Could this also possibly remove the CWM bootloader? Cheers, KP
  10. I take it back, after walking around outside a bit, it was acquiring a fix a bit quicker than before. I've come to the conclusion its the cheap GPS chip they've used, so there is a limit to how much more performance can be gained tweaking settings etc. Perhaps an external Bluetooth GPS antenna could be one solution, although not ideal. Or a mod to the antenna inside, but that is more risky as could trash the phone.
  11. I've tried this, but still not a great GPS fix :( Has anyone tried a GPS antenna fix/mod on this phone? I tried some copper tape stuck on the inside of the plastic cover at the bottom, but no performance difference. That is assuming the GPS chip/antenna are in the bottom of the phone. The other option would be to dissemble the phone, and solder a DIY antenna extension on. I have seen other China Phones on youtube with this done, but nothing on the 8297w.
  12. I'm out of touch with what's going on at the moment, but am thinking of importing another smartphone from China. I have a coolpad f1 and absolutely love it, what's the current favourite phone to import? (that has good English ROM support) Many thanks KP
  13. I thought v3 was lollipop, this looks like its still KitKat. Think I might stay on v2 for a while. Still, good efforts by the dev :)
  14. Hi, I've just purchased a cheap obd2 bluetooth off eBay (cheapo Chinese one) Hoping to interface my Coolpad F1 with my car using Torque, has anyone had any expeeience/success with using these dongles before? Cheers KP
  15. I do have my phone in hard gel type case, wonder if that is attenuating the signal? (I thought only metal cases caused issues though) Anyway, another issue I'm facing right now, everytime I reflash my F1, I have to Restore Licence on Copilot. Even though I have paid for the app and it's tied to my Google Play account, you only get a certain number of Restore Licence attempts!
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