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  1. Thanks mini_man. Be good if we can get a result.
  2. Count me In. I want a fix for the volume problem - It is a software defect and Orange / HTC should fix it. Andyfx.
  3. Called Orange to complain about the sound problem and they promised to get a support person to call back to discuss the issue - They didn't ring back - What a surprise. Anyway, I have a solution - Not perfect but it works. Basically set the volume to around mid way or just below. This stops the feedback. To reduce the volume I've stuck a small piece of PDA screen protector over the earpiece and this has really reduced the volume whilst still being able to hear the caller. Will Orange ever release a ROM update for C550 ? I Don't think so.
  4. This is starting to look like a software issue. Orange have said they'll change my C550, but it sounds like that won't solve the issue.
  5. Have exactly the same issue. Volume very loud with feedback. Even at lowest setting doesn't seem to make any difference. Orange told me phone is faulty. Do you think this is the case or they will be a firmware update to correct ?
  6. When I'm speaking to someone get bad feedback in earpiece. Pressing the button to turn down the volume doesn't seem to do anything, although the graphics suggest volume is down. Called Orange and they said my phone was faulty, so don't know if this is an actual bug. Does anyone know how to get the screen to turn off on the phone while mains charging ? Thanks.
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