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  1. have they finally dealt with that stupid phone number issue in miui?
  2. pletko

    [ROM] [4.4.2] AOSP Nitro A310 v3 repack

    yeah.... i always do the full wipe/wipe cache/wipe dalvik cache before flashing. also, i don't use greenify or titanium backup. no idea. switched to another rom
  3. pletko

    [ROM] [4.4.2] AOSP Nitro A310 v3 repack

    i really don't know what's the issue here but i flashed this rom today and already i've had two random reboots. the same thing happened the last time i flashed micromax rom
  4. don't you just love it when everybody ignores you? :D
  5. hi guys! merry xmas! quick question - is coolpad f2 woo = yu yureka?
  6. No issues other than the camera crashes when I try to use panoramic mode and I've had two random reboots but i'm guessing that is my battery's fault
  7. Yes @rista1 it's OK, not bad
  8. nexus port atm, working great
  9. @brixy downloaded the nexus rom from needrom. so far so good although i notice the battery draining a bit faster than usual. atleast it's draining... :)
  10. Thinking about it once again... Looking towards Asus zenfone 5
  11. again trouble with the battery. ever since i flashed the micromax rom i've been having some issues with battery stats. i've had 10-20% consumption in the last 36 hours with 2 hours of SoT and lots of conversations. now the phone has turned off, couldn't get it to start. after an hour of charging i managed to turn it on but now it refuses to charge any further from 5%. so that's even worse than the last time when i could charge it to 30%. i really don't know how to reset my battery stats, i don't have that option in my recovery. can you recommend some recovery with that option? also, can you recommend some rom that works fine? (again, without the issue of phone number format, i.e. based on miui roms)
  12. what are the chances we had the same problem on the same rom and the charger was to blame? incidently, after switching to another rom, the charger goes to 100% again

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