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  1. Hardware buttons won't work, to unpin just reboot the phone.
  2. For those who don't rely much on google services, this rom runs quite well without gapps. I haven't encountered any problems whatsoever since it's release except those mentioned in the first post. It's smooth.
  3. Good stuff. This is Awesome! Thanks Chil
  4. Cygnet's

    Goodbye Friends

    I have to say thanx for AOSPA!! and of course for all your other contributions. Have a good life ahead!
  5. This rom has a file manager. Documents is the file manager, just go to it's settings and tick 'Dislay advanced devices' and Voilà!
  6. Chainfire already rooted it on Nexus 9.
  7. Switch off 'Notification Peek' in display settings.
  8. Of course they aren't and I have no problem with where PA put them in fact they are well situated, for me of course.
  9. I don't get how the Hover and quick settings icons are bugs.
  10. Documents is the file manager in this rom, Just go to it's settings and tick 'Display advanced devices'.

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