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  1. Now I feel bad. :( I have sold my G510 and just realized that Dazz was back. I have now a Moto G. Anyway I think that the main problems that I had with my G510 are: * problems with VoIP calls * videos on Facebook * and volume on radio (but no very annoying as the others) And Welcome back Dazzozo!
  2. Now that you mention.... I realize that I install and then the reboots just stopped. I had many random reboots but now, as I said, only happen sometimes with Facebook videos.
  3. 1. Do you have random reboots y/n (NO) (no random, but sometimes with Facebook videos. I can watch them but sometime makes reboot the phone) 2. What recovery and recovery version (TWRP. 3. What kernel, chill, synopsis or dazz, (Chil360 v44) 4. Gapps versions (Standard_4.4.4_signed) 5. What ROM build (12-july-2014-nightly) 6. Any scripts or others (none) 7. Model of phone (G510-0251)
  4. Do you mean the bad quality of images on chrome? I don't understand you very well. If it is that, I could fix the bad quality of images on chrome. What you have to do is download an old version of Google Chrome. Not very old, I mean, try to find the v31 or v32 of it. Then open it and go to any webpage. Once you've done that update it by Play Store and the quality of images will be highly improve. At least that is what I do with my G510. I hope it be your problem. If it isn't this information may be useful for anyone. :)
  5. There are some problems with the Setting. When I click in Apps it takes too long to read the size of apps and when it does I can't delete the cache of them. :(
  6. Dazz is gone? I don't think so. In fact there has been recent activity in his github ( www.github.com/dazzozo ), specificaly in OpenGL. YESTERDAY
  7. I think the ROM is getting every time more stable. I mean, I have not have any reboot like three weeks ago. I have G510 with chil360 v44. There are some issues, little problem but I think they are going to be fixed soon.
  8. Even if probles with Facebook videos seems to be solved, I keep having problems trying to play videos from Netflix. It keeps freezing video every time it tries to change the quality. I think this is the logCat: 07-04 21:22:51.320 E/memtrack(18794): Couldn't load memtrack module (No such file or directory) Please help.
  9. Sony BRAVIA, should i use another? Yes, it does. And is very cool. Just look at this.
  10. If you people want to be nearest to Android L the XDA guys already have the keyboard. I've not tested but it seems to work. Here's the link. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2796129
  11. What app do you use for dlna? I've tried with several and don't work for me.
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